Jyothi Krishnan

– Executive VP of Engineering

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Jyothi Krishnan is the Exective VP of Engineering at CloudNine.  She’s an effective Engineering Executive with over 25 years of extensive experience in a wide range of disciplines – Development, Quality Engineering, DevSecOps, Agile, Technical Management, Product, Customer Support, Strategy, and M&A.

Key strengths include the ability to create a clear vision focusing on People, Practices, & Technology by hiring, developing, mentoring, empowering, inspiring talents to innovate and execute the vision. Liaising with verticals & horizontals to bring in synergies to ensure successful delivery. Participating as a member of the executive team to help shape the strategy, culture, & operations of the company. Providing expertise to set strategic direction by analyzing risks to solve complex and mission-critical problems, increasing the efficacy of time to market with quality & cost-effectiveness.