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CloudNine Highlights eDiscovery Ecosystem Expertise and Offerings

Discovery Automation Software and Services Provider Details Product, Partner, and Pricing Benefits for Data and Legal Discovery

CloudNine, the eDiscovery Company ( which provides data and legal discovery automation technology and services that bring insight and intelligence to business and legal decisions, today highlighted its software and service offerings and benefits for the information and legal technology communities. This highlighting provides potential solutions to many of the challenges information and legal professionals seek to solve as they engage in litigation, investigations, and audits.

About the CloudNine Discovery Ecosystem

Founded in 2002 and based in Houston, Texas, CloudNine is a technology company with deep expertise in the analysis, processing, and review of electronically stored information (ESI). This expertise has enabled CloudNine to develop technology and processes to address the discovery of data from the point of data creation to the execution of data destruction. This Simplified Discovery Automation process provides information, business, and legal professionals with an integrated solution that automates eight core tasks that help organizations translate data discovery into insight and insight into legal intelligence.

The company’s flagship offering is its cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivered, simplified eDiscovery automation software, also known as CloudNine. This eDiscovery automation software streamlines the discovery, investigation, and audit process for attorneys and compliance managers and is currently used by more than 50 of the top 250 Am Law firms as well as extensively used in many of the world’s leading corporations.

The company also offers a complete portfolio of eDiscovery professional services including computer forensics, managed services, managed review, and eDiscovery consulting. These software and professional services enable CloudNine clients to experience the simplicity of self-service supported by the power of a full-service eDiscovery provider.

Additionally, CloudNine has been recognized by analysts and end users in reports and surveys by Gartner, 451 Research, Blue Hill Research, Corporate Counsel Magazine, the New York Law Journal, and Texas Lawyer.

“Many of our clients, partners, and industry advocates have actively shared that when they initially engaged with CloudNine, they were unaware of the breadth and depth of our offerings, programs, and industry recognition,” noted Brad Jenkins, CEO of CloudNine. “From software to services and from pricing to industry affirmation, CloudNine continues to grow in acceptance as a leading discovery provider with innovative technology.  As we continue our accelerated growth, we look forward to the challenge of ensuring law firms, corporations, and service providers are increasingly aware of how our approach to software, pricing, and partnerships can simplify their discovery efforts and help them with both the technological and business challenges of eDiscovery.”

Top Challenges for Legal and Business Professionals

The top concerns for managing discovery requests as highlighted by legal and information technologists who conduct support, investigations, and audits for corporations and law firms, include:

+ The volume of data is continuing to increase. (Data Constraints)
+ Earlier generations of software have reached their limits. (Software Constraints)
+ Departments are charged with doing more with less. (Personnel Constraints)
+ Organizations need to be able to better predict spend. (Budgetary Constraints)
+ Concern for security in eDiscovery remains high. (Security Concerns)

Top Challenges for eDiscovery Providers

The top concerns for eDiscovery providers seeking to accelerate and expand business and support efforts in a constantly changing legal discovery ecosystem include:

+ Shifting business models for leading providers. (New Competitors)
+ Consolidation of companies and technologies. (Contraction of Available Offerings)
+ Changing landscape of offerings and providers. (Diversification of Revenue Streams)
+ Need for expanding revenue opportunities and new markets. (Revenue Growth Requirements)

How CloudNine Helps Address These Challenges

Spearheaded by the company’s proprietary eDiscovery platform and experienced information and legal technology professionals, CloudNine’s combination of technology and talent is differentiated from other discovery providers in five key areas:

+ Speed: Fastest eDiscovery automation initiation and access available.
+ Simplicity: Fewest management and technology integration points.
+ Security: Most secure SaaS implementation with a private and protected cloud environment.
+ Services: Automation provider with a full professional services portfolio.
+ Savings: Saves you time and money in deploying, supporting, and servicing users.

CloudNine Software That Addresses These Challenges

CloudNine eDiscovery Automation (Legal Discovery)
Legal Hold Notifications from CloudNine
Outpost for Relativity from CloudNine
CloudNine Data Discovery Automation (Data Discovery)

CloudNine Professional Services That Address These Challenges

+ Computer Forensics
+ Data Collections
+ Discovery Consulting
+ Managed Discovery
+ Project Management
+ Technology-Assisted Review
+ Managed Review
+ Online Hosting
+ Information Governance
+ Litigation Support

Example CloudNine Use Cases

+ Electronic Discovery and Review (Legal Discovery)
+ ESI Ingestion and Processing for Relativity (Legal Discovery)
+ Legal Hold Notifications and Tracking (Legal Discovery)
+ Corporate Compliance Audits and Investigations (Legal Discovery)
+ FOIA Investigations (Legal Discovery)
+ FCPA and AML Investigations (Data Discovery and Legal Discovery)
+ Exploratory Data Analysis (Data Discovery)

Benefits of Being Supported by CloudNine

+ Do more with less by automating key data and legal discovery tasks with advanced technology.
+ Streamline technology stack by using CloudNine for audits, investigations, and litigation.
+ Augment or complement current discovery tools to increase efficiency and reduce costs.
+ Decrease risk through the use of a fully automated and integrated discovery platform.
+ Achieve the technology and economic benefits of the cloud with a security of a protected environment.
+ Streamline cost structure with a simplified pricing model.

Simplified Pricing for Simplified eDiscovery

With its simplified pricing, CloudNine offers two models to support customer and partner legal discovery efforts. These models are Pay-Per-Use and Volume-Based Subscriptions. From these two models, CloudNine offers four pricing plans ranging from $35/GB/Month under the Pay-Per-Use model to as little as $12/GB/Month under the Volume-Based Subscription model.

Core Services are available for $35/GB/Month with no minimum commitment under the Pay-Per-Use pricing model. CloudNine also offers Core Service subscription-based pricing beginning at the equivalent of $17.50/GB/Month at the minimum commitment level of six months and decreasing to $12/GB/Month at higher volumes. Additional discounts may be available for multi-year commitments.

Advanced Services are available for $40/GB/Month with no minimum commitment under the Pay-Per-Use pricing model. The $40/GB/Month fee includes ALL Core Services as well as CloudNine Managed Productions and access to Relativity Hosting through CloudNine. Additional per seat user fees may apply for individual users of Relativity. CloudNine also offers Advanced Service subscription-based pricing beginning at the equivalent of $22.50/GB/Month at the minimum commitment level of six months decreasing to $16/GB/Month at higher volumes.

In addition to its Core Services and Advanced Services, CloudNine recently introduced a Legal Hold Notification Service that is included in all subscription agreements and available on the Pay-Per-Use plan starting at $500 per hold for up to 10 custodians. CloudNine also offers a complete portfolio of professional services, making it one of the only advanced generation technology providers with a full professional services team available to help customers simplify their discovery efforts.

Additional Resources

In addition to delivering a complete portfolio of advanced discovery technology and professional services, CloudNine provides customers with one of the strongest packages of educational resources available. Key resources available at no additional charge to customers include but are not limited to:

+ Live and On-Demand Professional Education and Information Webcasts
+ On-Demand Instructional Presentations on CloudNine + Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Approved Presentations and Webcasts
The eDiscovery Daily Blog: The industry’s leading daily blog with latest case law, and trend updates.
+ CloudNine Website: provides information on CloudNine offerings, news, and resources.

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