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Cost recovery can have a critical impact on the financial role of a law firm or legal service provider.
In our eBook, we uncover the best billing practices shared by eDiscovery practices, how they optimize cost
recovery and shop for eDiscovery vendors. In addition, you will learn how to:

Quantify Your
Current Cost
Recovery Challenges

Maximize the health
and revenue of your
eDiscovery Service

Right-Size Your
eDiscovery Data

Get Strategic
About Storage

CloudNine Review: Your Partner in eDiscovery

See why our customers love CloudNine Review

CloudNine provides the tools and functionality for users to load own data. Quick culling/filtering options to reduce data for review. Easy to use boolean full-text and metadata searching. Bulk tagging options reduce review time. Reports to export select data. Unlimited users with no extra charges and, reduced near-ready review storage fees.

Brian Grossman, Co-Owner/CFO
Litgistix LLC

It was an easy choice to go with CloudNine. During our project we pushed the software, I can’t say to the max as we didn’t find the outer limit! We have over 2.5 million documents in a variety of locations, languages and formats, all imported, indexed and very quickly searchable. Complex software that’s easy to use and does exactly what it says, for a competitive price is a rare find.

Gunnar Mansfeld, Executive Director
Norebo Overseas Holding