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eDiscovery Software: Choosing the Right Solution

When trying to select the best eDiscovery software, there are a number of important factors to consider. The type of data being reviewed and the amount of data you need to review can influence which solution is best suited for your needs. Additionally, the complexity of your data needs and probable length of time the review will take should be considered. Most importantly, however, is the eDiscovery software itself. Various discovery software packages offer different features and capabilities, making it essential that you choose your software, or entire eDiscovery software suite, based on your particular needs, requirements, budget and workflows.

Overview:  CloudNine's eDiscovery Solutions by Software Product

Our cloud-based and on-premise eDiscovery software simplifies litigation, investigations, audits, and public records requests by allowing you to upload, review, and produce documents all from one place in minutes.

See a brief overview of our software products and their applications:

Product Description Top Benefit Integrates With: Differentiators
CloudNine Review SaaS/Cloud-Based Process, search, review, and production of traditional (email and files) and modern data (texts, chat messages, etc.) in a unified review platform. Automated processing of 4800+ file types, including UFDRs, Slack JSON, and other modern platform exports. Automated processing includes OCR, near-duplicate detection, email threading, language detection, and automatic short message thread creation. Review includes built-in imaging, annotations and redactions, custom review layout, field management, user rights, and user access. CloudNine Review: Reduce cost and streamline eDiscovery document review N/A Attractive and transparent pricing based on consumption or by subscription; easy and fast setup (up and running in a day, not weeks).
Product Description Top Benefit Integrates With: Differentiators
CloudNine LAW
On Premise
Processes over 4500+ unique file types, duplicate hash detection, built in OCR, native and near native imaging options, scanning capabilities, printing capabilities, email threading, near duplicate detection, and scalable growth. Reduce the cost of the discovery process with the most comprehensive on-premise, behind your firewall, eDiscovery processing, imaging and production solution on the market. Extremely flexible to accommodate general use cases and exceptions competing products can’t handle.
  • CloudNine Review
  • CloudNine Concordance
  • Other popular review platforms
Market-leading processing, built for horizontal and vertical scalability
CloudNine Explore
On Premise
On-premise early case assessment software with 4500+ file type support using in place data processing, without file expansion. With a desktop and web utility, internal and external users can access filtering, search, and review options with scalable processing. A fast, secure, and easy way to investigate issues, assess risk and compliance, and begin early case assessment. Early Case Assessment and eDiscovery processing in-house and reduce cost of using an outside vendor.
  • CloudNine Review
  • CloudNine Concordance
  • CloudNine LAW
  • Other popular review platforms
Complex processing and early case assessment (ECA) handled with ease
CloudNine Concordance On Premise CloudNine Concordance delivers industry-leading performance for both the administrator and reviewer. Easily manage smaller cases as well as large, complex litigation without sacrificing efficiency. Your case may have mysteries and complications. Your software shouldn’t. With Concordance, you can easily conduct queries, browse and tag documents, view production sets, conduct bulk reviews and more. Import, review and produce eDiscovery documents in house at an attractive annual, predictable cost and on a small, manageable computing footprint. Local document review and production, inside the client’s environment and secure from external access. CloudNine LAW All of the must-have features of a modern review platform within your own firewall


eDiscovery software (aka eDiscovery software, Electronic Discovery Software, or simply Discovery Software) is an invaluable technology for attorneys and legal professionals dealing with the tedious task of uncovering and processing relevant information in the course of a lawsuit, investigation, and for government teams responding to public records requests. This type of software simplifies discovery and information requests by providing automation tools that allow for efficient processing, reviewing, tagging, and production of any sort of electronic documents or electronically stored information (ESI).

eDiscovery software solutions offer a wide range of benefits to law firms and legal professionals across various industries and typically come in both cloud-based eDiscovery solutions and on-premise eDiscovery solutions. These software packages can help streamline workflows, improve document management, and save time and money during the discovery process. eDiscovery software can also provide tools for effective data analysis, enabling attorneys to quickly identify relevant documents and evidence. eDiscovery software uses powerful algorithms to quickly uncover and identify specific files, emails, databases, social media accounts, and more.

Utilizing robust eDiscovery software, legal teams can easily filter through huge volumes of data to unearth the pieces they need without having to spend countless hours doing so manually. Beyond just finding the information requested, the software can help reduce costs associated with long-term storage solutions as well as provide analytics for comprehensive audits across different sources simultaneously. Automation features allow users to automate the process of collecting digital evidence from disparate sources making it easier to scale up investigations efficiently and accurately. With its multi-layered approach to document assessment and management, eDiscovery technologies make it easier for companies to carry out effective searches while ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

eDiscovery software has come a long way since its origins. The concept of eDiscovery was first introduced in the late 1990s as a way to facilitate the discovery process in litigation and other legal proceedings. As technology has advanced over the years, so have eDiscovery solutions, with features like legal holds, advanced search capabilities, artificial intelligence assisted processing, predictive coding and analytics becoming commonplace.

Modern eDiscovery software now offers an array of capabilities that go beyond simple electronic document retrieval to include performing complex searches across multiple sources, identifying patterns and trends in collected data, and generating detailed reports for review. These tools also provide safeguards to ensure compliance with various regulations while protecting the security of sensitive information. Companies can now rely on eDiscovery solutions to help them stay ahead of the curve in navigating an increasingly complex digital landscape.

Looking for an eDiscovery Vendor Alternative? We Can Help.

Are sudden price changes or products being discontinued by your current eDiscovery technology provider getting you down? Take back control of eDiscovery with CloudNine. We offer easy-to-use, proven on-premise, SaaS and hybrid eDiscovery solutions with ingestion, processing, searching, review, redactions, production and streamlined workflows for traditional and modern data (from chat apps. texts. etc.)

CloudNine Concordance (on premise) allows you to ingest, process, review, redact and produce eDiscovery documents at an attractive and predictable annual cost on an efficient computing footprint. Concordance .DAT file format is the industry standard for exchanging data and producing to justice departments.

CloudNine LAW (on premise) is the gold standard in eDiscovery, and offers the most versatile and comprehensive processing, imaging, scanning and production solution on the market.

CloudNine Review (cloud) is our review platform rated a High Performer and Easiest Set Up by users, and our ability to handle traditional and modern data (Slack, Teams, Zoom data, texts, etc.) led to our “Best Emerging Technology” Tech Law award.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can easily switch to an eDiscovery solution that provides you with peace of mind and better results, at a lower cost.