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Electronic discovery (aka eDiscovery or e-discovery) is a process used to collect, upload, review, produce, and analyze electronically stored information (ESI) in response to legal requests. ESI can include emails, SMS, text, documents, presentations, databases, voicemail, audio and video files, social media activity, web sites, and a variety of proprietary file types, file formats, and file metadata. Robust eDiscovery solutions must support this diverse array of data types and facilitate processing at all of the interdependent stages – which most often run in parallel.

The complexity of handling eDiscovery within a law firm, corporation or government continues to grow. As data volume and types increase, managing the eDiscovery process for even a mainstream matter or investigation can be overwhelming, time consuming and costly.

There is a smarter way to take control of eDiscovery.

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CloudNine, an industry standard setter and innovator, empowers you to simplify eDiscovery, external and internal investigations, audits and access requests for law firms, corporations, and government agencies. Our on-premise and cloud-based eDiscovery solutions allow you to upload, review and produce documents from one platform in minutes. Our solutions are easy to use and have all the core features you need. We also offer comprehensive, expert eDiscovery services, from project management to managed review. Our professional services team is here to help.

These days saving eDiscovery time, cost and effort make more sense than ever before.

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My Experience at the Washington DC Masters Conference
My Experience at the Washington DC Masters Conference 1018 681 CloudNine

The Masters Conference in Washington, DC, on April 17th, 2024, was a bustling event with crowded sessions throughout the day. The agenda featured a diverse range of topics, such as Modern Data, Link Files, eDiscovery Case Law, and Artificial Intelligence, making it an exceptional experience for attendees.

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How to Evaluate Technologies and Companies for Public Records/FOIA Requests
How to Evaluate Technologies and Companies for Public Records/FOIA Requests 1024 576 CloudNine

When starting the journey in changing your processes around managing these requests, it can be like a hiker staring up a mountain from the base, but it does not have to be that difficult. Many eDiscovery platforms have standardized processes in data management and review for decades and there are eDiscovery providers, like CloudNine, who have created an easy path to success with not only the technology, but advice is streamlining processes with public requests.

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Improving Processes to Streamline Public Records/FOIA Request Response
Improving Processes to Streamline Public Records/FOIA Request Response 1024 576 CloudNine

Managing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) or similar public records requests in State or Local government agencies is a complex process that requires meticulous attention to detail and adherence to strict timelines. While having the right technology and skilled personnel is crucial, efficient processes are equally important to ensure compliance with transparency laws and provide timely responses to requests.

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eDiscovery is transforming the practice of law and the judicial system in general. It provides lawyers and legal departments with fast, accurate access to vital documents needed for their cases, and for government teams, for public access requests. With eDiscovery’s focus on accessibility, information can be obtained quickly from disparate locations without sacrificing review quality or risking data privacy violations; this opens up possibilities of case management that were previously unavailable.

eDiscovery encompasses several component technologies, in addition to document reviews this includes email archiving, advanced analytics, secure file transfers, legal holds, the review process, and more.  By understanding the basics of eDiscovery—such as structure navigation searches, coding tools, audit trails, redactions—lawyers can establish more efficient workflows for their organizations and improve their overall productivity. Additionally, many technology solution developers, like CloudNine, offer integrated platforms with specialized features; these provide greater scalability to meet the needs of larger organizations. Through leveraging an eDiscovery platform and technology-assisted review, organizations are able to conduct better research and provide faster services while ensuring complete security over sensitive data.

eDiscovery software is an essential tool for legal professionals when it comes to processing, reviewing, tagging, and producing electronic documents (anything in an electronic format) as part of a lawsuit or investigation. In other words, it enables lawyers to find evidence necessary to understand the facts of the matter while minimizing costs and expediting resolution. eDiscovery applies to electronically stored information (ESI) such as email, office files, social media data, databases—anything that is on a computer system or device. This process is used to exchange information and evidence between parties in state and federal courts, and the right software can help attorneys uncover valuable information while reducing risks.

eDiscovery solutions and application specific eDiscovery software  offers powerful analytics to quickly narrow down vast numbers of documents so that attorneys have only what they need to review in order to determine the facts of the case without having to spend time doing manual search or sorting. It also helps retain chain-of-custody records so that no document is overlooked–helping mitigate evidence mismanagement liability risks. The end result is faster resolutions with higher quality results at a lower cost–making eDiscovery software, an invaluable asset in the legal industry’s technology arsenal.

eDiscovery software has become increasingly important due to the sheer number of electronic files, documents, and digital records that are produced and which must often be quickly retrieved during the legal process . Additionally, this type of evidence contains important metadata like time-date stamps, author and recipient information which must remain intact in order to eliminate any potential allegations of tampering with the evidence. Electronic discovery can be complex but is essential for ensuring the accuracy of digital evidence during court proceedings. Leveraging software and an ediscovery review platform has become a necessity in the process of discovery.  It’s Time to Get on CloudNine. Schedule your demo today.