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Up-to-date and informative webcasts on all things data and legal discovery from the leading provider of discovery automation technology, CloudNine. Regular content includes briefings, presentations, and legal education events designed to intrigue, inform, and improve viewers understanding and execution of audits, investigations, and electronic discovery tasks.
CloudNine 360 Podcast: BlueStar

BlueStar CTO, Jeremy Schaper discusses the approach as well as early challenges they encountered as their operations expanded to manage modern eDiscovery through more non-traditional and short message format data.

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The Challenges of Modern Discovery with the Chicago Bar Association

Listen to CloudNine’s Rob Lekowski and Rick Clark as they review the complexities of modern discovery with the onslaught of emerging data types such as SMS, social media and collaborative chat apps like Slack and Teams. Along with the team of the Chicago Bar Association, they review the many sources of data and how to effectively and easily process and review them on a single, platform.

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eCrime Symposium: Dealing with Multiple Data Sources

Hosted by the Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science, panel contributors including Rick Clark, Senior Director of CloudNine, Amber Schroader, CEO of Paraben Software, and Christa Miller, industry journalist discuss the influx of multiple data sources and how they are used effectively in investigations and eDiscovery workflows.

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CloudNine 360 Podcast: Perin Discovery

Perin Discovery Co-Founders, Peter Smith and Erin Perczak discuss common starts and stops of a forensics workflow and how they approach projects with a more efficient case strategy to streamline processes, bring greater visibility into the dataset and increase the value to their clients.

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CloudNine 360 Podcast: Kroll

Phil Hodgkins, Director with Data Insights and Forensics Group recounts the critical steps of an internal investigation to gain insights quickly and give the law firm a running start with their client and regulators. Using CloudNine’s ESI Analyst, the legal team had the insight and strategic direction to navigate a broader dataset in a linear workflow.

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Investing in the Future: Release Highlights for CloudNine LAW & Explore 7.6

Experience accelerated speed and performance in the latest release of CloudNine LAW and Explore featuring the new Turbo Imager. Version 7.6 brings time and resource-saving efficiency by maximizing processing power from a single machine and native image printing from a single application.
Tune in and see the result of more than 200 updates and feature enhancements and, hear about CloudNine’s new solution for mobile, chat and social eDiscovery.

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Important eDiscovery Case Law Decisions of 2019 and Their Impact on 2020 (Wednesday, January 29, 2020)

2019 was another notable year for eDiscovery case law with several significant rulings that stand to impact eDiscovery practices, the admissibility of evidence and the potential of sanctions for discovery violations. How can these key case law decisions affect discovery within your organization? This CLE-approved* webcast session will cover key 2019 case law decisions covered by the eDiscovery Daily blog and what the legal profession can learn from those rulings.

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