CloudNine Collection Manager™

Streamline and automate your Office 365 and OneDrive data collection

CloudNine Collection Manager:

Making data extraction a simple and streamlined process

Connect. Select. Extract.

Connect securely to your O365 target
Select one or multiple custodians and apply date filter
Extract data quickly to PSTs or individual files

Share. Browse.

Share Collection Manager and a storage device with your collection target and receive collected data in hours instead of days or weeks
Browse and select target accounts or load a list for automatic selection

CloudNine Collection Manager:

Connection to O365 and OneDrive data sources include documents linked from email messages

Connection Type

  • Choose large-scale collection across multiple mailbox accounts or a single account using login credentials.

Simple. Easy. Powerful.

  • Install in minutes with a simple, easy-to-learn interface. No need for advanced knowledge of O365 systems
  • Prepare data for searching and review, without manual steps or additional conversion tools
  • Minimize reliance and interaction with O365 administrators

CloudNine Collection Manager:

Integrate seamlessly into multiple eDiscovery workflows

Flexible. Adaptable. Complete.

  • Send extracted files to target hard drives, USB or network drives
  • Automate ingestion directly into CloudNine Explore™ for early case assessment and receive an emailed notification when data is ready to be searched and reviewed
  • Maximize flexibility by seamlessly integrating into the workflow of any eDiscovery solution
  • Transfer passwords securely with an easy-to-use credential generator

Customized Collection

  • Name custodians, create unique PSTs, and compress MSGs to Zip files 
  • Follow and extract OneDrive linked attachments  

CloudNine Collection Manager

EASY for first-time collectors

POWERFUL for eDiscovery professionals