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eDiscovery Best Practices: See Jane Teach – How To Manage Litigation Projects


One major problem that many organizations are facing these days in large-scale litigation is that the demand for project managers far exceeds the supply.  Law firms find themselves moving talented — but inexperienced — professionals into project management positions. Electronic discovery experts, litigation paralegals, technically savvy litigation support professionals, and even attorneys are taking on project management responsibilities with little experience or training.

You may have noticed we haven’t had any new posts from Jane Gennarelli lately.  Believe it or not, we all have “day jobs” here at eDiscoveryDaily and Jane’s “day job” is as principal of Magellan’s Law Corporation> where she has been assisting litigators in effectively handling discovery materials for over 30 years.  In that role, Jane has been busy lately with a Magellan's Law training program for aspiring litigation project managers.

Magellan’s Law Project Management training program is designed for project managers who need help to develop expertise on project management best practices.  The project management skills, components, and techniques covered in the class will prepare students to manage any of the document handling tasks associated with litigation discovery – everything from identification and collection through production.  Among other things, students learn:

  • Project management tasks in discovery
  • Skills and techniques for managing project staff
  • Skills and techniques for managing clients
  • How to prepare reliable schedules and budgets
  • Mechanisms for controlling costs throughout a project
  • Techniques for ensuring high-quality and defensible work product
  • Tips for effectively managing time
  • How to build good relationships with clients and project stakeholders
  • Problem solving techniques and skills
  • How to evaluate, select and manage the right vendors for a project

The class is taught at your facility, at your convenience, so Jane comes to you!  To find out more about the class, click here.  You can also give Jane a call @ (210)561-5626 to find out more.  She can put you in touch with students who have taken the class to enable you to hear firsthand from people in the trenches who have benefitted from the class.

As for Jane’s contribution to eDiscovery Daily, she will be publishing a new series to provide best practices for non-attorneys providing litigation and eDiscovery support services to achieve success in a law firm.  This series should debut in the next week or so.  Welcome back, Jane!

So, what do you think?  Do you feel overwhelmed trying to manage litigation and eDiscovery projects?  Please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

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