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eDiscovery Trends: EDD Toolkit Smartphone App


“Blue Horseshoe Loves BlueStar”.  Anyone remember that famous quote from Charlie Sheen (when he was known for his acting) in the movie Wall Street?

Well, now eDiscovery buffs with a smartphone love BlueStar too.

BlueStar Case Solutions, Inc. (BlueStar), just launched EDD Toolkit, which is a free eDiscovery app for smartphones. The app features a Cost Estimator, Time Estimator, Conversion Table and Glossary for common eDiscovery questions with regards to ESI processing, document review and production. BlueStar is touting EDD Toolkit as “a useful application for attorneys, paralegals, in-house counsel and litigation support staff who quickly need answers about a particular eDiscovery project”.

Desiree Salomon, BlueStar’s Marketing Manager says, “It’s the ultimate eDiscovery ‘cheat sheet.’”

The app components include:

  • Conversion Table: Calculates the number of documents or pages in a user defined amount of data and breaks it down by common email and document formats.  So, if you ever need to perform a quick estimate of document size based on the data size of your collection, it can provide a quick, “ballpark” estimate.
  • Cost Estimator: Using stated “industry averages”, it estimates how much a user defined amount of data or number of documents for review could cost, based on basic assumptions.
  • Time Estimator: Estimates time required for ESI processing and review, as well as how long it can take to scan paper documents into an electronic format.
  • Glossary: Provides definitions for many common eDiscovery related terms via a quickly accessible interface.  This component is particularly educational for the eDiscovery novice.

I downloaded the app onto my Android phone and played with it a bit and, it is pretty cool!  Of course, the cost and time estimators are not substitutes for a formal estimate; in fact, the app provides a link to request a formal quote from BlueStar.  How convenient!  Nonetheless, it’s a clever idea and I have to hand it to BlueStar for an ingenious marketing tool.

BlueStar's EDD Toolkit is currently available for iPhone and Android, while BlackBerry and Windows 7 versions are “scheduled for release later this month”, according to their press release. To learn more or to download the EDD Toolkit app for free, go to http://www.bluestarcs.com/resources/app-support.

So, what do you think?  Are you ready to use your smartphone to learn more about eDiscovery?  Please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.