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EDRM Participant Profile, Crystal O’Donnell: eDiscovery Trends

When EDRM announced eDiscovery Daily as an Education partner last March, EDRM agreed to publish our daily posts on the EDRM site and it has been great to publish our content via the leading standards organization for the eDiscovery market!  However, another part of our agreement was for eDiscovery Daily to provide exclusive content to EDRM, including articles sharing real-life examples of organizations using EDRM resources in their own eDiscovery workflows.  Our latest participant profile is available on the EDRM site and we’re looking for other organizations to share their EDRM experiences!

These profiles are designed to illustrate how participants and their organizations contribute to the success of EDRM as well as how those organizations use EDRM resources in their own businesses.

Our latest EDRM Participant Profile Interview is with Crystal O’Donnell. Crystal is Founder and President of Heuristica Discovery Counsel.  She has a diverse and relevant professional history, with extensive experience as litigation and e-discovery counsel having practiced with a leading litigation firm and the Ministry of the Attorney General (Ontario). Crystal has represented clients in a number of complex matters at all levels of the Ontario courts as well as in regulatory proceedings and investigations.

Crystal’s range of expertise includes legal, strategic and software aspects of e-discovery, which are critical components of all legal proceedings and evidence-based proceedings. She also has experience with cross-border and conflicts of laws issues which arise in multi-jurisdiction and multi-forum matters.  Her years of experience as litigation counsel give her a keen appreciation and understanding of clients’ needs and allows her to deliver defensible, proportionate and cost-effective legal advice and solutions.

Crystal is also currently the Vice-Chair of the Ontario E-Discovery Implementation Committee, (“EIC”); Chair of the EIC Precedents Subcommittee; and, a Steering Committee member of Working Group 7, of the Sedona Conference (Sedona Canada).

In my interview with Crystal, she discussed why Heuristica decided to join EDRM, how EDRM compares to the Sedona Conference and she discussed several ways in which the discovery process is handled differently in Canada (as compared to the USA).  Very interesting stuff!

The link to Crystal’s interview on the EDRM site is here.  I hope you will check it out.

If you are a participant of EDRM and would like to be profiled (or would like to recommend a current EDRM participant to be profiled), please contact George Socha (george@edrm.net), Tom Gelbmann (tom@edrm.net) or me (daustin@cloudnincloudnine.comm) to arrange a profile interview with me to be published on the EDRM site.  We would love for you to share your experiences with EDRM and its resources!

So, what do you think?  Are you an EDRM member and want your organization to be profiled?  Please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

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