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Faster, Cheaper Better: How Automation is Revolutionizing eDiscovery: eDiscovery Trends

We had a terrific session on Tuesday discussing how automation is revolutionizing eDiscovery at The Masters Conference Windy City Cybersecurity, Social Media and eDiscovery event.  If you’re disappointed that you missed it, you’re in luck – there’s a recording of the session!

The Masters Conference brings together leading experts and professionals from law firms, corporations and the bench to develop strategies, practices and resources for managing the information life cycle.  There were a number of terrific sessions this Tuesday and a wonderful speech from (nearly 82 year old) Jesse White, the Illinois Secretary of State.  What an amazing life he has had – from being a paratrooper in the Army to playing minor league baseball with the Cubs to founding the Jesse White Tumbling Team to serve as a positive alternative for children to his time as a Chicago schoolteacher and his long tenure as Illinois Secretary of State.  He says he can still do a hand stand today.  I hope I have that much energy when I am his age.

Anyway, CloudNine sponsored the session Faster, Cheaper, Better: How Automation is Revolutionizing eDiscovery at 4:15 and the panelists, Rob Robinson, Managing Director of Complex Discovery, Kevin Clark, Executive Managing Director of Discovery Service for Hire Counsel, Jay Lieb, Founder and Managing Member of NexLP and I discussed a variety of current and emerging eDiscovery automation technologies.  The attendees were engaged and asked several good questions, so it was a very interesting free-form discussion regarding eDiscovery automation such as Technology Assisted Review, automated processing and pre-litigation artificial intelligence analysis.

Rob arranged for Kaylee Walstad of ACEDS to record the session and Rob has posted it on his Complex Discovery site here.  Thanks so much to Kaylee for recording the session!  Feel free to check it out.

The Masters Conference also has an event coming up in New York City in July and Washington DC in October.  Click here for more information on remaining scheduled events for the year.

So, what do you think?  Do you think that automation is revolutionizing eDiscovery?  As always, please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

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