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I Tell Ya, Information Governance Gets No Respect – eDiscovery Trends

If Rodney Dangerfield were a records manager, he probably would say something like this: “I tell ya, my CEO is so dumb, I taught him how to defensibly delete – he forgot how to preserve!”  Ba-dum-bum!

As reported by Sean Doherty in Law Technology News (New Research Reveals Information Governance Gets No Respect), a new report from 451 Research has indicated that “although lawyers are bullish about the prospects of information governance to reduce litigation risks, executives, and staff of small and midsize businesses, are bearish and ‘may not be placing a high priority’ on the legal and regulatory needs for litigation or government investigation.”

In its March report, E-Discovery and E-Disclosure 2013: The Ongoing Journey to Proactive Information Governance, 451 Research conducted a survey of small, midsize, and large companies late last year regarding the handling of corporate data, with a specific focus on “enterprise IT and included relational and non-relational databases, data warehousing, text analytics, and business intelligence.”

Most notable in the survey, as reported by Doherty, “Of the 2,320 respondents, less than one-half believed that an information governance program was important to their organization” and “only 32 percent of senior management believed information governance important.”  Apparently, “more than one-half of the information technology staff who responded thought it important”.  According to the article, “larger organizations viewed information governance more importantly.”

Doherty also notes that “The 451 Research report covers a lot of ground in approximately 50 pages, the importance of IG by enterprise size, industry, job function, and jurisdiction; legal technology trends including the impact of social media and bring-your-own-device programs on e-discovery; a breakdown of e-discovery costs; and U.S. and state case law as well as a survey of legal and regulatory developments in the EU.”

For more information about the report, including other report findings and comments from David Horrigan (eDiscovery and information governance analyst and author of the report), click on the article link above.

Want specific survey results?  To purchase a copy of the report (for $3,750), click here.

In our recent thought leader interview series, several of our thought leaders mentioned information governance as a leading emerging trend within the industry.  This report appears to suggest that we still have a long way to go in educating organizations on the importance of a sound information governance program.

So, what do you think?  Do those survey numbers surprise you?  Please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

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