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Why Did I Get Two Emails This Morning? – eDiscovery Subscriptions

If you are an email subscriber to the blog (thanks for subscribing, by the way!), you may have noticed an anomaly in your Inbox this morning – two eDiscovery Daily emails.  So, why did this happen?  Here’s why.

Yesterday, we changed subscription feed providers, from our old provider (Feedburner) to our new provider (FeedBlitz).  We did so, because the FeedBlitz service gives us greater flexibility to customize the email to make it more useful to you.  The new subscription feed emails will include the title of the day’s post in the Subject line and will also provide links to recent stories, giving you another chance to catch them if you missed them.  We hope that you’ll find this new format to be much more informative and user-friendly.

Unfortunately, while migrating the feed over to the new service, I missed an important step in the process – turning off the old feed.  Oops.  So, those of you who subscribe via email received two emails today.

I believe that I have corrected the problem and you should only receive one email each day we have a new post going forward.  Sorry for the inconvenience and any “digital debris” that may have resulted in redundant emails.  😉

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