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CloudNine Announces Acquisition of ESI Analyst

eDiscovery industry standard for processing traditional data types acquires leader of emerging standard for modern data discovery to integrate platforms and enhance customer value.

HOUSTON, TXAugust 25, 2021 – Today, eDiscovery technology leader CloudNine announced the acquisition of ESI Analyst, the emerging standard for modern file types such as mobile, chat, social media, text, computer activity, financial data, and more.  The acquisition affirms CloudNine’s recent announcement to invest in the development of additional, high value product offerings for its customers and the broader market to reduce costs and risk.  CloudNine will further its commitment to invest in solving customer challenges across the EDRM lifecycle through acquisition and hiring 50% more headcount.

“CloudNine’s customers continue to voice their need for a single platform to defensibly process, analyze, review, and produce both modern and traditional data.  And we are very excited to now provide both of these important capabilities to the market”, said Tony Caputo, CloudNine’s Chairman and CEO.

“Law firms, legal service providers, corporate legal departments, law enforcement, and government agencies can leverage the platform in the Cloud, on-premise, or as a hybrid to reduce costs, optimize cost recovery, and mitigate risk,” commented Steve Vranas, CloudNine’s SVP of Sales & Strategy.

With a two-decade career in eDiscovery, having testified dozens of times at both the Federal and State judicial levels, ESI Analyst’s Founder and CEO Trent Livingston remarked, “We are absolutely thrilled to join the CloudNine family. Modern discovery is more than documents.  It’s about telling the story. ESI Analyst’s leading standard for modern data combined with CloudNine’s longstanding and robust suite of discovery tools delivers a defensible, robust, unified platform to investigate, review and analyze both modern and traditional data.  CloudNine’s large and sophisticated customer base will benefit immediately with the support of mobile, chat, social, and other modern data.”  The integration of these two platforms will enable customers one-place to load, process, analyze, and review all data types in a single platform while delivering the flexibility to choose alternative review platforms.

CloudNine and ESI Analyst’s customers are equally excited.  Jeff Dreiling, Co-Founder of Complete Legal noted, “Today, Complete Legal leverages both CloudNine and ESI Analyst to meet our customer’s eDiscovery needs.  Adding ESI Analyst’s advanced support of mobile device/social media/collaboration data to CloudNine Review is a game changer for our customers.”

About CloudNine Discovery:  Every day, our customers including corporations, law firms, government agencies, and legal service providers answer their most pressing eDiscovery questions using CloudNine applications.  By offering CloudNine Collection Manager™, Data Wrangler™, Explore™, Review™, LAW™, Discovery Portal™ and Concordance® as individual or comprehensive and integrated solutions, hosted and on-premise, CloudNine delivers market-leading flexibility and performance. For company information, visit or email

About ESI Analyst: ESI Analyst balances the scales of legal discovery by enabling every case or investigation to have access to modern legal technology, regardless of case value. Being a highly efficient and affordable electronic discovery review and investigation platform, ESI Analyst delivers a suite of metadata analysis tools that provide intelligent link analysis, data visualization, reporting and review of multiple disparate forms of modern data, culminating in a succinct graphical timeline of events. To learn more, visit

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