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NEW RELEASE ANNOUNCEMENT: CloudNine Concordance® Desktop 1.07

CloudNine is passionate about serving our legal community and the over 1,000 clients who rely on our applications daily to answer pressing data discovery questions. As a result, we are pleased to announce the release of Concordance Desktop version 1.07.

This release focuses on improved functionality for the administrator including database management and portions of the administrative console.

We welcome your feedback as we work towards an even better Concordance Desktop application. Be sure to read the new viewer update following the release enhancements list below.

Concordance Desktop 1.07 Enhancements:

Data Import:
• Increased load file import speeds – 70% faster with a better progress indicator
• Improved document and email text extraction means faster, more complete imports
• Ability to prepend the path to images making pre-editing of an .OPT file unnecessary
• Database creation options using .DAT file alone without .OPT load file and/or document text files
• Ability to import an .OPT and update existing database records
• Assignment of CNDCN as true document-level control number
• Ability to create Concordance Desktop databases using the soon to be released CloudNine LAW™ 7.2 without having to complete LAW export from the Concordance server

• Ability to select the Concordance Imagebase OR a field containing the path and file name as a source for native file production
• Option to write the produced native file path and production number to fields in the database
• Updated separator and synopsis printing sheets
• Ability to export an .OPT file containing the page IDs as they were imported

Administrative Console:
• Available and selected dialog boxes for managing clients, matters and user groups
• Ability to sort and filter columns in user connect dialog box making it easier to select and open databases
• Upgraded cipher for TLS connections for better security

New Viewer Update: Later in 2019, we will release a new viewer for Concordance Desktop databases. Version 1.08, will support both the current near-native viewer and our new viewer that sets the stage for future developments such as find in the viewer, find and redact, and more. The new viewer will support many of the same navigation and markup functions currently enjoyed by Concordance Desktop users and comes with revamped production and printing wizards and processes. Our focus has been on improving navigation speeds as well as functionality. Existing databases and markups for supported file types may optionally be converted for use with the new viewer in Version 1.08.

Windows 7 update: Microsoft Windows 7 will reach End of Life on January 14th, 2020. With this in mind, we have performed only limited testing on Windows 7 using Concordance 1.07 and will be dropping support completely later this year. For more information on Microsoft End of Life policies and upgrading to Microsoft Windows 10, please refer to

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