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We are passionate about serving our legal community and helping our over 1,000 clients answer pressing data discovery questions, daily.  From this, we are pleased to announce the release of LAW 7.2 and Explore 7.2, which continue to improve upon the path set at Legal Week 2019.

We’re proud to offer dedicated teams and investment for CloudNine Explore, LAW, Concordance and a complete channel partner group that is dedicated to supporting our law firm and corporate in-house customers. We hope you enjoy these new features, and we’re excited to hear your feedback as we work towards greater opportunities for the future of LAW and Explore.

LAW 7.2 focuses on providing flexible workflows for Turbo Import users, as well as powerful controls for organizing your data.  Explore 7.2 users can enjoy improved system reliability, scalability, and performance when processing millions of documents and large files using a large number of agents.

LAW 7.2 Enhancements:

  • Introducing “Import Sets” – a new way for you to organize and label Turbo Import datasets, allowing to you organize and bucket data for additional processing
  • Turbo Import now processes data up to 25% faster compared to 7.1.
  • Additional workflows for Turbo Import:
    • Tag List Support
    • Delimited Text overlay support
  • Users can now upload legacy case lists to the LAW Management database via the LAW Configuration Utility
  • New Turbo Import Output Folder Controls provide flexibility in structuring LAW folders.
  • LAW TSI (Touch Screen Interface) is now compatible with the LAW 7.2 environment structure.
  • LAW TSI (Touch Screen Interface) has been updated for Windows 10 compatibility against Windows 10 OS Build 17134.
  • LAW’s Concordance Desktop export now supports remote server connection with Concordance Desktop version 1.07.
  • NIST databases can now be configured with custom SQL Logins and Locations
  • Added Support for processing RAR 5+ archive formats

Explore 7.2 Enhancements:

  • Explore now offers output folder controls for LAW Direct Exports, providing flexibility in structuring LAW folders by Custodian, Source, and/or Import Sessions
  • Explore processes data up to 25% faster compared to 7.1
  • Improved performance when extracting large files from archive containers
  • Improved system reliability, scalability, and performance when processing millions of documents and large files using a large number of agents.
  • Added Support for processing RAR5+ archive formats

Important Notes: 

Update for Turbo Import Users:Due to some changes with the installer, the LAW service will be removed from your local machine when upgrading from 7.1 to 7.2. After installing the 7.2 update, please run the LAW Configuration Utility to reconfigure your LAW Service.
Explore Update:Over the next 6 months, we will be placing more focus on the benefits of the Explore Web workflow. As a result, the first steps will involve moving the process of searching fully into the Web and removing search from the Explore Desktop application – we intend on beginning this journey this summer.  We understand there may be a learning curve, and we are prepared to make this an easy transition for our Explore customers who may not yet be leveraging the Web advantages; feel free to contact LAW Support for assistance with questions regarding the Web setup and usage. If you have questions or feedback on Explore, please contact your CloudNine Account Manager.
Microsoft® Windows 7 Update:Windows 7 will reach End of Life on January 14th, 2020. With this in mind, we have performed only limited testing on Windows 7 with LAW/Explore 7.2 and will be dropping support completely later this year. For more information on Microsoft End of Life policies and upgrading to Windows 10, please refer to

If you have any questions, please contact CloudNine Technical Support.

Phone: (713) 462-6464, ext. 12

We look forward to hearing your feedback!