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Rational Enterprise Selects CloudNine Explore to Provide Early Insight to eDiscovery Data

Rational Enterprise Selects CloudNine Explore to Provide Early Insight to eDiscovery Data

CloudNine expands rapidly growing client portfolio with the addition of Rational Enterprise

HOUSTON, TX: July 25, 2019 – CloudNine®, a leading provider of eDiscovery software, is pleased to announce that software company Rational Enterprise (“Rational”) has purchased CloudNine Explore™ early case assessment technology. Headquartered in Albany, New York, Rational offers an end-to-end technology platform for information management, security, governance, compliance, retention, analysis, and eDiscovery.

CloudNine Explore presents a powerful combination of indexing speed, power and flexibility for fast and comprehensive early data insight. With an intelligent multi-core processing ability, Explore scales to manage large data sets by leveraging existing resources without requiring additional infrastructure.

Rational’s VP of Strategic Operations, Robert Conley remarked, “Explore’s processing is lightning-fast and it doesn’t require moving or copying data. Therefore, we quickly get the essential, early data insight we need. The faster we can provide accurate, reliable results without the waste of loading GBs of useless data, the greater degree of trust and confidence we earn [from our clients] and Explore makes that possible.”

“We’ve been conducting discovery searches for decades and, as our projects and case requirements evolved, the most common tools available could not provide a reliable level of accuracy,” said Conley. “We just needed a simple answer to a simple question. In our evaluation process, we tried every scenario to break [Explore] but nothing else had Explore’s power to handle complex culling and speed to reach reliable results.”

CloudNine CEO Tony Caputo said, “CloudNine Explore’s superior processing engine provides faster data insight with more reliable results than other solutions on the market. The product is easy to deploy and manage, as well as affordable, making it an ideal solution for any size company or law firm.”

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