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CloudNine Announces Unlimited Processing Subscription Plans

Houston eDiscovery Leader Offers Unique Incentive for Organizations Wanting to Eliminate eDiscovery Processing Costs

SaaS eDiscovery leader CloudNine, today announces new subscription plans for a limited time that include unlimited native processing at no additional charge for data hosted in CloudNine’s review platform.  Subscription plans start at $900 per month and include unlimited automated native processing as well as an allocated amount of data hosting and licensing of CloudNine’s data processing and review applications.

A leader in the electronic discovery field, CloudNine specializes in providing software as a service (SaaS) electronic discovery and litigation support software and services for management and processing of electronically stored information.  The company’s cloud-based eDiscovery online review platform is completely browser-independent and is currently used by over fifty of the top 250 law firms.  Do It Yourself features such as automated processing and loading your own data, adding your own users and fields, accessing audit logs and setting user rights give clients unique control of their review process.

CloudNine Discovery’s 100% automated upload processing includes native file extraction from container files (such as Outlook PSTs and ZIP Files), metadata & text extraction and indexing, OCR of image files, duplicate identification, HTML creation and Early Data Assessment report creation and also supports automated data processing for other applications, streamlining the process to get started reviewing documents for discovery.

Bill David, CTO of CloudNine, remarked, “Discovery Client’s 100% automated processing capabilities make it possible for us to offer this unique incentive.  Now, our clients can get unlimited processing of their native data at no additional charge and reduced hosting costs as well!”

“With the volume of data in the world doubling every two years, it becomes more important than ever to get control of rising discovery costs,” states Brad Jenkins, CEO of CloudNine. “For a limited time, our clients can do so by locking into a subscription plan that eliminates a big component of those costs – the cost to process their data for review.”

CloudNine is offering these special subscription plans that include unlimited data processing at no additional charge through July 15, 2015.

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About CloudNine Discovery

CloudNine enables law firms to save time and money by consolidating all their eDiscovery collection, processing and review requirements into one resource. CloudNine’s cloud-based eDiscovery software assists in the collection, processing and review of large volumes of data, reducing the expense of traditional processing, loading and hosting. CloudNine owns, operates and manages a dedicated cloud environment, where the hardware, storage and network are dedicated to CloudNine’s eDiscovery platform. CloudNine is currently used by over fifty of the top 250 law firms and offered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) without user fees, where CloudNine licenses its applications to customers for use and provides access via the Internet.

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