Concordance v10 301

Concordance v10 301

This course covers advanced administration focusing on the Concordance server setup and the Concordance Admin Console.

This course is offered by Private instruction only which can be delivered either 1:1 or to a team from the same firm.  Class size for private training is limited to 10-participants. 

To inquire, please email your request to:


This three day course teaches you specifically how to:

  • Installing Concordance
  • Creating an E-docs database
  • Instructs how to globally replace delimiters
  • Updating Image path in an OPT and how to append to an existing imagebase and how to export an imagebase
  • Managing Security and Making fields read only
  • Adding Custom Menu Items
  • Backing up Databases
  • Creating Tag Structure Templates
  • Importing additional data and overlays
  • How to globally replace information in a field
  • How to run the Create-Hyperlinks.cpl
  • Creating an Authority Word List
  • Managing concatenated databases and adding field group aliases
  • Creating a production databases and linking images
  • How to save and load a production parameter set.
  • Creating a Synonyms list
  • Working with table layouts and tally
  • Sorting then exporting to a CN DCB
  • Basic Introduction to FYI