Explore 201


Explore 201

This course will introduce litigation support staff to EDA functionality. It does not include EDA Web or the Attorney workflow.


The Explore course offers a workflow for dealing with electronic discovery to dramatically reduce the cost and time associated with handling large electronic discovery productions. Explore is a standalone module that allows you to search and cull data where it resides on disk without requiring the costly process of full expansion. Once the initial data set has been indexed and culled based on several available filtering mechanisms, a reduced data set can be exported directly to LAW; for full expansion and production capabilities or exported to a native export output directory.

Topics Include:

  • Interface Overview
  • Configuring Explore
  • Creating A Case
  • Importing Files
  • Reviewing Exceptions
  • Near Duplicate & Email Thread Analysis
  • Filtering
  • Performing OCR
  • Searching
  • Tagging
  • Creating Reports
  • Exporting Data
  • Explore Web