LAW 301


LAW 301

This two-day course will teach you administrative duties including installing LAW, maintaining cases and license administration.


If you’ve been tasked with Administrator duties like installing LAW, maintaining cases and licensing, this is the right industry-recognized certification for you. Every firm and service provider needs Certified Administrators to avoid the frustration of frequent technical errors and missed opportunities that result from improper hardware, software and network setup. So, learn how to create an optimal processing environment where multiple machines can work on the same case to reduce downtime and improve processing speed and maximize output. Come to this hands-on instructor-led certification class ready to master administration tasks including maintaining cases, setting up users, creating backups, and archiving/deletion procedures.

Topics Include:

  • Installation
  • Selecting a Database Type
  • Licensing
  • Establishing Case Items
  • Batch Processing
  • Working with Cases
  • Commands & SQL Statements
  • Application Directory
  • INI Files
  • Important Index Fields