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The ability to self-service, to load documents on my own and sort them. I also find the search functions to be intuitive. It’s also nice to have web-based software that’s intuitive and doesn’t require a specialized in-house IT department or litigation support group to manage. It’s possible for our small firm to implement the software without needing extra personnel or outside consultants just to manage the database.

“Nice alternative to Concordance.”
Eric C.
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CloudNine’s best feature is its straightforward ease of use. I co-taught a class on e-discovery at a local law school. We were able to get a class of 20 law students up and running and doing document review in less than 10 minutes. They were able to figure out how the software worked that easily. Plus, the drill down into the data production was impressive. For a small firm or solo, it just makes sense to go with a cloud-based SaaS, and CloudNine is the best of its breed.

“The best ediscovery platform for small firms and solos.”
Suzanne M.
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The custom tagging fields were incredibly useful. Being able to create different types of tagging fields (drop down, custom text, radial buttons) was key to making our review easy and efficient. The custom views for the tagging areas for each individual reviewer allowed me to set up field lists that were specific to each reviewer, so the attorney who reviewed the privilege documents had those tagging fields at the top of the list while the other reviewers had fields specific to their assignment. The system worked beautifully.

“Intuitive design, fantastic platform!”
Molly C.
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I really like the fact that CloudNine is browser-based, so you can use it on any device. This is great when I want to review documents but I do not have my laptop with me. I also love how intuitive and user-friendly it is, and the team at CloudNine has been amazing in answering any questions I have and assisting as I learn the program.

“CloudNine has been fantastic in answering any questions I have.”
G2 Crowd User in Law Practice
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What I like best about CloudNine is the intuitive searching function. It is easy to create complex searches, even as a beginner. You can also easily access your recent searches through a drop down on the main screen. This is much easier than going back to the searching page and re-creating searches that you didn’t save.

“User friendly review tool back by personalized customer support.”
Katrina C.
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CloudNine is an excellent tool, that takes the best of the Relativity review solution, and leaves out all of the fiddily bits that make Relativity excruciating to use. Their upload and processing automatically, and their pricing structure is the best I’ve seen.

“Excellent tool with outstanding support.”
Charles B.
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[What I like best is] That I can store all documents in one place and search by date, author, recipient, etc.I wish the interface did not make you open some files in the native application like .pst, .pdf, .doc., etc. or switch between tabs to do so. Also, I hate that signature images, like a company name or logo appears as a document.

“I have used the product for a document review and document production.”
Consultant in Law Practice
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With automated processing of data the product have a great investigations review and is very easy to use.

“The best SaaS product of the market.”
Fernando M.
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[What I like best is] Being able to find a needle in a haystack, a/k/a a one-page document in a sea of hundreds of thousands of pages.

“Great searchability.”
User in Law Practice
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[What I like best is] The customer service is excellent and the module is well-organized.

“Easy-to-use product for litigation services and document review.”
User in Law Practice
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You can get started in a very short time period. It doesn’t take days to get started. With this product you can get up and running in minutes. The price was in the middle of the road. Very nice and easy user interface.

“Better than most out there.”
Administrator in Building Materials
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The ease and customer service was top notch.

“Very useful and user-friendly.”
User in Law Practice
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We have worked with CloudNine Discovery on several cases, and have been quite happy with the service that we have received. Their support staff is responsive, friendly and helpful in assisting me with providing the technical information that my clients need. Their review platform, CloudNine, is robust, easy to use and ideal for a firm like ours where we don¿t have to buy and support the software.

“Great E-Discovery Company!”
Katherine Gonyea – Senior Associate, Dow Golub Remels & Beverly, LLP
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In the spirit of full disclosure, I was once employed by this company, but have been in-house for several years since and have no current ties with the company or its ownership. I have used the software, and their other services, for many years, through several versions, since. I have also used many other tools over the years, and each have their pros and cons. When I need something that can easily be shared with outside counsel, reviewed by multiple people simultaneously, and provide a fast reliable output, with fairly robust searching, this is my go-to product. The key for me is that the web-based platform makes collaboration across different companies/firms simple and efficient without the requirement for large downloads or additional purchases. The platform is intuitive and I would recommend it for any projects where collaboration is necessary (it is also pretty good for a traditional review but that is not where I use this platform).

“The platform is intuitive.”
Brian Carter – Senior Counsel, Tetra Pak Inc.
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I am very pleased with the customer service at CloudNine. The platform is easy to use and helpful with our document review projects.

“Great Customer Service!”
Joyce Choi – Attorney, The Kneafsey Firm, Inc.
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CloudNine provides the right level of service for what we need and we were able to test the software and services out before making a decision on what particular services we wanted to sign up for. Customer Support team is fast, friendly, and responsive, and if they could not answer our questions immediately, they found out who could provide our team with the best recommendations. We have only been using CloudNine for a couple of months, but have been satisfied with our decision to choose CloudNine over their competitors.

“Great Customer Service and Support is always a PLUS!”
Lori Willis – Allen & Gooch
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Our law firm has found CloudNine to be very user-friendly and has helped us to organize and prepare for a number of cases.

“Very Pleased With CloudNine Services.”
Jessica Graf, Lax & Neville LLP
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I’ve worked with CloudNine, specifically for many years and I can’t say enough about them. Response time, knowledge, attentiveness, etc. are all top notch. CloudNine should take home the hardware.

“CloudNine Rocks!”
Phil Simmons – Pivot Legal Services
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It’s easy to use. It’s great at identifying significant documents and easy to share with our outside counsel. The customer service is great, and our clients love using it too.

“CloudNine is User-Friendly”
Crystal Zapata – Litigation Paralegal, National Oilwell Varco LP
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We have partnered with CloudNine on several matters and believe this to be the best “ease of use” cloud-based ediscovery tool on the market today. For those looking for alternatives to the “big boys”, this platform shines!

“CloudNine Best of Cloud Providers”
Marc Zamsky, COO, Compliance Discovery Solutions

CloudNine is the least intimidating, scalable and powerful eDiscovery solution going. From their discovery client ingestion engine, through their training and support, the CloudNine platform is helping our organization bring eDiscovery to firms and corporations of all sizes and sophistication levels. Beyond that, they have the heart of a service company but they have a powerful software. It’s the best combination going in our space right now.

“CloudNine Fan”
Jeff Dreiling, Co-Founder, Complete Legal

I like the ease of use and the UI is great. The search capabilities are pretty easy to use, too.

“The Ease of Use and UI Are Great”
Mukul Kelkar – Attorney, Dentons US LLP
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CloudNine has excellent customer service – incredibly responsive and always solves the problem. I have uploaded several gigs to their platform and never had a problem.

“Top Notch Document Production Cloud-Based Service”
Jason Heard – IT Consultant, Kieve Law Offices
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Love the UI and the ease of learning the software. It’s very intuitive compared with other discovery management software and the attorneys pick it up in no time. It is also very speedy in pulling up docs and moving from one document to the next. No problems experienced in our first discovery project using this software. We were able to customize it to meet our needs nicely. Also love the fact that it’s easy for each user to customize their own interface so the most important document coding elements are always at the top of the screen. No need to scroll through long windows of coding selections to find what you are looking for. This software is an outstanding alternative to other discovery management databases on the market, and comes at a great value.

“Easy to Learn, Easy to Use, Great Experience So Far.”
Michael Peregrine, Litigation Paralegal, Armstrong Teasdale LLP
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Everything about this software is outstanding. From the ease of use to overall functionality, this product is now my number 1 choice. The project manager from Complete Legal also represents this product extremely well, which was key to my selection.

“Excellent experience with minimal need for training. The software is outstanding.”
Athena Patrick, Practice Manager, Knight Nicastro 
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CloudNine routinely impresses me with their superior customer service and automated tools that just work. We regularly upload a lot of data to CloudNine’s automated hosting and discovery tool. Their software is easy to use and searching is flexible. Filtering and analytics allow for early data assessment. All of CloudNine’s departments are courteous and helpful. Client Services quickly manages productions and dispositions, follows up with documentation for our records, and provides customized support to our clients. Our uploads are followed by automated updates that are handy for passing processing status to our internal teams. Help Desk assists us with all technical items including search logic, syntax, and segmenting for multiple document reviewers. Our Legal folks appreciate the easy-to-use Discovery interface and the quick access to free training. I’m grateful for all CloudNine does to save time and prevent stress.

“CloudNine Discovery is the cat’s pajamas.”
Ryan Mason
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CloudNine not only provides flexible searching capabilities within their software, it also reliably retrieves result sets in seconds, even for large collections. Also, their processing and culling services have benefited our clients greatly on several projects; for example, they are currently helping us cull down a large data set of over 500 GB, saving our clients thousands of dollars in eDiscovery costs! We currently have 4 large databases hosted and will continue to use it for future cases.

Chris Arellano – Litigation Support Coordinator, Andrews Kurth
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CloudNine is a great solution for small to mid-size law firms that want to get away from reviewing and producing in paper. It is simple to tag and categorize their documents, making review much more efficient – saving both time and money. One of the features I like in CloudNine is the intuitive searching function. It is easy to create complex searches, even as a beginner. You can also easily access your recent searches through a drop down on the main screen. This is much easier than going back to the searching page and re-creating searches that you didn’t save.

“User-friendly review tool backed by personalized customer support.”
Katrin Classen – Project Manager, Complete Legal Services
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I have used CloudNine since the Fall of 2016 to upload and process e-Discovery data. Their staff has been very helpful. The CloudNine document review system is easy to learn and intuitive. It is an excellent value.
The one drawback is that the functionality is somewhat basic, although more than robust enough for most smaller scale reviews. The system is ideal for smaller to midsized law firms and corporation. Overall, I am very happy with the system.

“CloudNine: Excellent value and service.”
John Bates – Counsel, Lane Sash & Larrabee
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I have been using CloudNine for a couple of months, and it is my first experience with e-discovery start-to-finish. I am very pleased with the platform. It is very user-friendly, and everyone, from sales to support and the client services team has been so great to work with. They have been available to answer any question I have, even when I call multiple times in one day; they are even responsive at night, on weekends, and holidays, which is so great when working on an inconvenient deadline. I will be recommending CloudNine to anyone I hear is looking for an e-discovery tool.

“I am very pleased with the platform. It is very user-friendly.”
Kelly Burks – Paralegal, Hall Estill
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This software is very user-friendly. Any questions I had or problems I encountered were immediately resolved by the excellent customer service provided. I would highly recommend this product.

“User-friendly software.”
Darlene Coward – Paralegal, McDowell Knight
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I had never used C9 before. After a detailed training, I was able to log on and use C9 as though I had been using it for years. Easy to navigate and use.

“Easy to navigate and use.”
Andrea Cunningham – Independent Contractor
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I would definitely recommend this company both for the quality of its software and its dedication to customer support.

“Great Software and Customer Support.”
Donna Chesteen – Attorney, The Tech Law Firm, PLLC
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Pretty user-friendly, great customer service with Litgistix, not as complicated to use as other products I have used in past.

“User-friendly, great  customer service.”
Christine Mar – Paralegal/Office Manager, Indian and Environmental Law Group
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Overall great experience. Software is very user-friendly. Search filters were very helpful. Customer service was always quick to diagnose and solve any issues I ran into or answer any questions I had. I would definitely use this product and CloudNine in the future.

“Reviewed, analyzed and tagged 100,000+ documents as part of class action litigation.”
Trey Odom – Associate Attorney, Eller Tonnsen Bach, LLC
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User-friendly software and great customer service!

“Great database for both small and voluminous litigation matters.”
Margaret Masters – Paralegal, The Benson Firm LLP
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As I contacted CloudNine with a last-minute request for help with the hands-on portion of an e-discovery class I taught at the law school with Donna Chesteen. The staff at CloudNine were amazing. They set up a custom data set for the students to search against, and spent time teaching Donna and me the basics of their system, and had us up and running in less than a day. The students were able to quickly learn the search tools and produce meaningful results for purposes of the class with minimal effort. We also demoed other cloud-based software for the class, but the students clearly preferred the CloudNine system. Cloud Nine is straightforward enough to figure out on your own, but powerful enough to handle the most complicated searches. Having seen it in action in the classroom, I am making the switch to CloudNine in my private practice.

“Amazing People, Great Software.”
Suzanne Meehle – Adjunct Professor, Barry University School of Law
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This software is easy to use and allows us to upload and download documents as they become ready, saving us both time and money.

“Easy to Use.”
Stephanie Plake – Assistant to Attorney, Law Office
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We used CloudNine on an e-discovery project and it proved very user-friendly and helped with quick turnaround on project.

“Overall Positive Experience.”
Andy Frank – Wagner Law Group
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I have used CloudNine for three years. The customer service if phenomenal. The platform and search features are intuitive and easy to use. I love how using this product allows me to be more efficient with my time. The ease of collaborating aspects of my discovery project with associates and paralegals is a plus. I’ve never experienced a “crash” or technical issues. It’s been smooth sailing every time.

“CloudNine is a dream to what would have been a nightmare!”
Ann-Patton Hornthal – Litigation Attorney and Shareholder, Robert & Stevens, PA
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CloudNine has been very helpful in providing support on a large case with high document demands. Unlike other services, they are easy to reach and respond immediately to any questions or concerns. They really know their product and how to help with any questions that may arise.

“Great Product and Great Support”
R. Gutkin, Ergoniq, LLC
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I have known the team, for many years and I truly appreciate their hard work, knowledge, and high-quality product. I recommend them regularly to my colleagues and friends.

“Recommend Highly”
Raj Mahadass – Partner, Paranjpe & Mahadass LLP
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I have been a channel partner with Cloudnine for a number of years. The product sells itself with its features, functionality, and ease of use. The partnership and friendship with the people of Cloudnine is the icing on the cake. They are great business partners.

“CloudNine Review”
David Scarborough – Vice President, Prolegal Discovery Solutions
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From a quality of service point of view, CloudNine is an excellent company. They have a great product but, even better, the service is amazing.

“Quality of Service is Important”
Robert Childress – CEO,  Masters Conference
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CloudNine is extremely easy to use and the customer service has been great. You can easily design the database coding fields to fit your workflow and specific needs.

“Great Product”
Hugh Craddock, Contract Paralegal
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Easy graphical user interface, reduced learning curve. Must have for small firms. Fast implementation. Low cost (firm/and client).

“Great Customer Service and Easy to Use Software!”
Andrea Orbich, Executive Assistant, OWASA
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New functionality for users to load own data. Quick culling/filtering options to reduce data for review. Easy to use boolean full-text and metadata searching. Bulk tagging options reduce review time. Reports to export select data. Unlimited users with no extra charges. Reduced near-ready review storage fees.

“Much Simpler to Use Than Other Review Software!”
Brian Grossman, Co-Owner/CFO, Litgistix LLC
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Easy graphical user interface, reduced learning curve. Must have for small firms. Fast implementation. Low cost (firm/and client).

“Excellent eDiscovery Tool!”
Angel Reyes, Computer Engineer, Reyes Rosado, P.E.
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We really like the functionality and ease of use. We have various levels of database experience users and have found that most, if not all, are extremely comfortable in this database. It removes factors that are not necessary to review and tag/code documents. Also, the customer service and training is superior. You won’t find a better trainer.

“CloudNine Offers Ease of Use and Exceptional Customer Support.”
Bradette Groves, Project Manager, Berkowitz Oliver
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My favorite feature is the ability to utilize extracted metadata fields alongside custom fields to run complex searches.

“CloudNine is Intuitive, Highly Functional, Yet Maintains A Very User-Friendly Interface.”
Neal McLean, Account Manager, Complete Legal Services LLC
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The software is very user-friendly. The searching and tagging features are great; they make going through large amounts of data much easier.

“The Software is Very User-Friendly.”
Lindsey Harrison, Attorney, Winter Capriola Zenner, LLC
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CloudNine’s automated software is so easy to use from uploading your data directly from their web portal, to easy to use and understand user interface! Love that I can process my data within the tool! Their support team is fantastic and I recommend them highly!

“CloudNine Relieves eDiscovery Madness Year ‘Round!”
Kaylee Walstad, Director of Strategic Partnerships, ACEDS