A Complete Professional Services Portfolio

CloudNine complements its simplified eDiscovery automation offering with a complete portfolio of professional services delivered by experienced teams or information technology, project management, and legal professionals. Our service offerings are complemented by an international community of trained, experienced experts who partner with CloudNine to deliver successful projects.


CloudNine’s discovery services help clients identify, analyze, and eliminate irrelevant document sets and prepare relevant files for subsequent use.

Discovery Consulting

Managed eDiscovery

Project Management

With consulting expertise and managed discovery options designed to complement the use of CloudNine’s simplified automation technology, CloudNine’s discovery services provide clients with legal and business value in the accomplishment of litigation, investigations, and audits. Contact us today to learn more about how our discovery services can augment and accelerate your discovery efforts.


In addition to our portfolio of collection, discovery, and review professional services, CloudNine litigation, investigation, and audit experts are available to help clients plan, manage, and document organizational information governance and litigation support initiatives.

Information Governance

Litigation Support

Contact us today to learn more about how our information governance and litigation support services can contribute to your corporate data discovery and governance objectives.