Integrating Workflows Across Multiple Platforms to Move eDiscovery Data Fast and Efficiently.

POWERFUL Technology to SIMPLIFY eDiscovery

MOVE Data Seamlessly

  • Leverage the CloudNine Connector to move data easily between applications.
  • Save searches or tag files to transfer into new or existing case.

Bi-directional bridge to move native files, text, images and/or metadata between applications without any additional tools or redundancy to export and import critical matter.

  • Move between applications efficiently with self-serve access to assess, review and process data within a single environment.
  • Track your data transfer in real-time through a global monitoring console.

Direct integration between CloudNine’s On-Premise Applications to its Secure Cloud Solution.

INTEGRATE CloudNine Solutions with 3rd party eDiscovery Software

  • Transfer only responsive content or entire data sets without manual exports and imports.
  • Control processing and hosting costs by culling unwanted data before advancing to third-party providers for review.

Push native, text and metadata from a CloudNine Explore database to a Relativity database, on-prem or cloud.

SUPPORT Flexible Data Management

  • Eliminate hand-offs such as copying and shipping exports on a physical drive and upload data directly to our secure, hosted environment.
  • Reduce data management overhead by moving data to CloudNine Review to better accommodate larger sized projects.

Bi-directional data transfer, from cloud-to-on-premise and back.


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5 Simple Integrated Workflows:

  • Self-service loading of data to CloudNine Review.
  • Self-service LAW to CloudNine Review.
  • Self-service Concordance to CloudNine Review.
  • Self-service push of data from Explore (on-premise) to Relativity® without manual exports and imports.
  • Self-service upload of native data to Explore Cloud.