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CloudNine Explore

Assess your case early and process data
with the market leader.

CloudNine Explore integrates seamlessly with Relativity and other
3rd party review providers for fast, comprehensive early data insight —
no exporting required.

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Early Case Assessment Fueled by a Powerful Processing Engine Reduces eDiscovery Project Time and Costs

The Capabilities You Need to Process, Search and Filter Data in Place

Empowered by robust navigation to assess your data to determine project scope, identify risk and control costs.
CloudNine Explore makes it simple to inspect and review data using automated and manual processes.

Securely load, ingest, and preserve data needed for ongoing investigation or litigation.
And provide all the information required for legal production or further investigation.


Speed You Can Trust

Speed You Can Trust

Explore delivers lightning-fast processing without the hassle of moving or copying data, so you can cull files more quickly and efficiently.


ROI You Can Measure

ROI You Can Measure

Leave cumbersome ECA technology and expensive data storage behind. With Explore, you get best-of-breed software without the premium price tag.


The Integrations You Want

The Integrations You Want

CloudNine Explore connects seamlessly to Relativity via CloudNine’s Discovery Portal. Indexed data from Explore’s on-premise environment retains a mirror file structure to Relativity’s destination folders, keeping data uniform and easy to find.

Why Choose CloudNine Explore?

Obtain insight into big data
quickly for investigations,
compliance, and early
case assessment

Alert corporate governance
to compliance, ethics, and
even criminal issues before
they impact your business

Evaluate risk and potential
cost of litigation at the
earliest possible point

Avoid costly and
time-consuming production
of redundant and
irrelevant documents

Reduce the risk of
producing privileged
or protected content

Watch How CloudNine Explore Simplifies Your Early Data Assessment and Streamlines Your eDiscovery Workflow.

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