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What is the Future of the Legal Technology Conference?

Editor’s Note: Tom O’Connor is a nationally known consultant, speaker, and writer in the field of computerized litigation support systems.  He has also been a great addition to our webinar program, participating with me on several recent webinars.  Tom has also written several terrific informational overview series for CloudNine, including his most recent one, Thinking Like a Millennial: How Millennials are Changing Discovery.  Now, Tom has written another terrific overview regarding the state of legal technology conferences titled What is the Future of the Legal Technology Conference? that we’re happy to share on the eDiscovery Daily blog.  Enjoy! – Doug

Tom’s overview is split into three parts, so we’ll cover each part separately.  Here’s the first part.


I was recently asked to write about the upcoming ILTACON19 conference and you can see my full comments here. But that discussion leads naturally to the larger question about the current state of legal tech conferences.

We know for example that Legaltech® quietly discontinued their West Coast event several years ago and that their NYC event has had vendor presence drop dramatically over that same time frame.  At the same time, events which always proudly billed themselves as being free of vendor participation, notably the ABA TechShow and ILTACON, now have numerous vendor speakers and vendor sponsored agenda events.

What exactly is going on here?  A number of renowned legal commentators have been asking the same question all year.  In this series, I’ll take a look at some of their observations and provide some of my own and analysis of legal tech conferences out there today.

We’ll publish Part 2 – Legal Tech Conference Observations from Other Commentators – on Wednesday.

So, what do you think?  Do you attend legal tech conferences and do you think attendance has proven valuable to you over the years?  As always, please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

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