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How to Evaluate Technologies and Companies for Public Records/FOIA Requests

(This is the fifth and final blog in a five-part series on streamlining public records request response.)

By Rick Clark

When starting the journey in changing your processes around managing these requests, it can be like a hiker staring up a mountain from the base, but it does not have to be that difficult. Many eDiscovery platforms have standardized processes in data management and review for decades and there are eDiscovery providers, like CloudNine, who have created an easy path to success with not only the technology, but advice is streamlining processes with public requests.

Here are some questions to ask a technology company you are looking to work with to help solve FOIA and request management issues.

  • How can this product help me solve workload issues when fulfilling Public Records Requests?
  • How does the system help with the public requestors’ experience?
  • How does the platform offer customizable workflows to adapt to our agency’s specific needs and processes?
  • Can the system create a centralized repository of all requests, and track and report on metrics such as response times, request volumes, and outcomes?
  • Does the platform offer features for securely redacting sensitive information from documents?
  • What measures does the platform have in place to ensure data security and protect against unauthorized access?
  • Does the company offer any additional services or resources to help agencies improve their FOIA and request management processes?
  • How does the platform handle large volumes of data or complex requests?
  • Can the system generate audit trails or logs to track changes and ensure accountability in the request management process?
  • How does the pricing structure work, and what are the costs associated with implementing and maintaining the platform?
  • What kind of training and support does the company provide to help our team effectively use the platform?

These questions can help you evaluate the suitability of a platform for your agency’s needs and ensure that it can help you achieve your goals in managing FOIA and request management processes as a baseline.

Our “Ultimate Guide to Managing Public Records Response” takes a deep dive into why asking some of these questions is important and give further context to the technology, people, and processes in managing FOIA and public records requests. Download it today.

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About the Author

Rick Clark is VP, Strategic Partnerships at CloudNine and has 20+ years of experience in forensics and eDiscovery. Focused on innovation and education, he co-founded ESI Analyst, now CloudNine Analyst, as well as Wave Software and the Master’s Conference.