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Key Takeaways on eDiscovery/eDisclosure, Info Governance and Collaboration from The Master’s Conference in London

By Rick Clark

Highlights from this event are covered below.

Exceeding Corporate Client Expectations

The first session of the conference, moderated by Richard Clark from CloudNine, focused on introducing new ways of deepening the relationship between corporate in-house and outside counsel. The discussions led by Janice D’Costa from Meta and Amie Taal from Stratagem Tech showcased innovative and clever ways to surpass corporate client expectations. The main topics covered in this session included:

  • Bespoke Solutions: In the face of rapidly evolving technology, corporate communication cultures, and cost pressures, outside counsel must present tailor-made solutions to their corporate clients. Cookie cutter approaches are no longer adequate, and legal teams need to adapt to the unique needs of their clients.
  • Alternative Fee Arrangements: Flexibility in cost structures, such as catering fees to individual cases or annual spends, can create mutually beneficial partnerships between firms and clients. By aligning fees with client needs, firms can strengthen their relationships and demonstrate their commitment to client success.
  • Know How Data Impacts Cases: With data playing an increasingly crucial role in legal matters, it is essential to have up-to-date Information Governance (IG) policies. This ensures that companies are well-prepared for litigation or investigations, which may involve handling communications data from various platforms like Slack, Teams, and messaging apps. Law firms can find ways to help in-house teams with data management if the need exists.

How Law Firms and In-House Teams Win Through Collaboration

  • Collaboration Across Legal Issues: Throughout the day, the conference emphasized the importance of collaboration between in-house, outside counsel, and software/service providers to address various legal challenges. Notably, this collaborative approach was evident in discussions about these common challenges for U.K.-based organizations:
    • GDPR: As data privacy regulations continue to evolve, companies must work together to navigate the complexities of GDPR compliance and data protection.
    • The UK’s Response to the EU Artificial Intelligence Act: By collaborating and sharing knowledge, legal professionals can adapt to regulatory changes and leverage AI advancements responsibly.
    • Information Governance: Building on the earlier discussion, experts highlighted the need for robust Information Governance practices to safeguard data integrity and compliance.

To summarize, despite the diverse range of topics discussed at the conference, the main takeaways can be recapped as follows:

  • Collaborate: Success in the legal industry hinges on effective collaboration between professionals, clients, and technology. Working together ensures the best outcomes for each engagement.
  • Get Your Data House in Order: Legal teams must work closely with IT and other relevant teams to ensure data accessibility for eDiscovery, investigations, or other legal processes. Simultaneously, data that is no longer necessary must have a clear destruction plan to safeguard against unnecessary risks.
  • Embrace AI, With Care: While Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI offers tremendous potential for legal professionals in areas like TAR workflows, content creation, and automation. It is essential to approach its implementation thoughtfully. Most discussions highlighted GAI as an enhancement rather than a replacement for current employee positions.

The Master’s Conference in London proved to be an informative event that underscored the importance of collaboration, Information Governance, eDiscovery/eDisclosure and the responsible adoption of AI in the legal industry. Participants gained valuable insights from a global perspective. CloudNine looks forward to the next set of Master’s Conferences in Columbus, OH (September 14), New York (October 18) and Atlanta (November 9.) Contact us if you are interested in learning more about these events, or how we can help you simplify and reduce the time and cost of eDiscovery.

Rick Clark is VP, Strategic Partnerships at CloudNine and has 20+ years of experience in forensics and eDiscovery. Focused on innovation and education, he co-founded ESI Analyst, now CloudNine Analyst, as well as Wave Software and the Master’s Conference.