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Professional Services for eDiscovery – When is it Time to Ask for Help?

Software is meant to make our lives easier when it comes to eDiscovery. Automation, artificial intelligence, and advanced search and culling technologies have all reduced the need for hundreds of human hours reviewing documents.

Still, there is plenty of work to be done, and even “small” eDiscovery cases can be highly complex and time consuming. When you don’t have permanent resources on hand to take on these additional duties or if a surge in work strains a lean team, professional services can provide much needed additional support and expertise to your team.

Professional services can help by taking on some of the burdens of eDiscovery, from collections to processing, and from review to final productions. There are areas where a project manager or technical analyst could make your work faster and more effective:

  • Collection experts and technology analysts can formulate effective collect and search strategies more quickly and produce meaningful results more accurately, and in a defensible manner.
  • Project managers can look for hidden risks, unfinished tasks, and maintain a budget to control costs.
  • Analysts can run document productions and perform quality checks to ensure there are no errors or surprises before documents are turned over to opposing counsel.

While professional services staff assist you by taking on these responsibilities and more, your time can be reserved for critical case management, client service tasks and client relationship building, all important activities critical to your business success.

What are a few telltale signs that you might need professional services?

  • Time constraints and fractional staffing: When work is not getting done on time or is but only through herculean efforts, professional services support can help give you not only meet deadlines but get time back in your day for more valuable work.
  • Risk management concerns: Are you or your general counsel concerned about eDiscovery work quality output and how this may put you at risk? Reduce the risks in your processes by leaning on professional services to handle work they are specially trained to complete.
  • Desire to embrace new technologies: Have you used the same technology for years without evaluating what newer, cloud-based technology can achieve? Professional services can help your firm migrate existing data, adopt powerful new platforms, processes, and standards that will accelerate work and make it more efficient.
  • A need to lower costs: Do you have a mandate to reduce spend in what is typically one of the highest costs of litigation, eDiscovery? Professional services teams have the knowledge and tools to complete work quickly and efficiently, which will lower your overall project costs.

Contact us today if you want to find out more how CloudNine can help you to simplify eDiscovery with our cloud-based and on-premise solutions, and to ramp up when needed with our professional services support to get eDiscovery work done on time, and on budget.