Tackling Large-Scale Review Efficiently: Tips from a GC (On-Demand Webinar)

By Rick Clark

Last week CloudNine and Integreon discussed a recent audit with tight deadlines with Louis (Lou) Brucculeri, EVP and General Counsel at West Technology Group.

West Technology Group, a global technology company with a portfolio of brands with disparate systems and processes, initiated a significant internal audit. Early on they recognized that they needed experienced help and engaged CloudNine for support in managing nearly 100,000 documents within an unexpectedly tight timeframe. Initially envisioned as a routine project, the scope expanded, revealing hundreds of GBs of data that demanded thorough review within just 10 days. The data needed to be collected, processed, hosted, reviewed, and produced within this tight timeframe.

The synergy between technology and review teams facilitated a seamless process, accomplishing all aspects of data processing, hosting, review, and reporting in an astonishingly brief seven-day timeframe rather than all 10 days allotted. In this 30-minute, on-demand webinar, you will learn how a team of reviewers successfully navigated through thousands of documents, exceeding expectations by completing the task well within the allotted time, through having the right processes and communications in place.

Download the webinar to learn more.

About the Authors

Rick Clark is VP, Strategic Partnerships at CloudNine and has 20+ years of experience in forensics and eDiscovery. Focused on innovation and education, he co-founded ESI Analyst, now CloudNine Analyst, as well as Wave Software and the Master’s Conference.