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Why Simplicity and Cost Matter Now in eDiscovery

By Catherine Ostheimer

A recurring theme surfacing in our discussions with our law firm customers especially is the demand for legal tech software platforms to provide simple, straightforward functionality in an easy-to-use solution. Having an eDiscovery solution that speeds work and helps teams to complete a project on time and accurately is critical, but overpaying for software with an overabundance of features is something many are avoiding in today’s economic climate.

Besides the “simplicity matters” theme, another topic raised is the increasing need to provide sound rationale for technology investments at a time that every dollar spent is being scrutinized. We have learned from our best customers that applying a proven framework to your tech investment discussions with finance teams helps accelerate approvals. The framework is centered on connecting with finance teams in four areas:

  • Business strategy alignment: How does technology relate to corporate goals?
  • Value proposition: Are you improving efficiency or helping manage costs? What is the total cost of ownership (TCO) and return on investment (ROI)?
  • Timing: How does this initiative fit in with current and future priorities?
  • Implementation: What is required in terms of money and people to get this done?

Download a copy of our white paper on these themes, “A Return to Value in eDiscovery: Why Simplicity and Cost Matter Now.”

Catherine Ostheimer is VP, Marketing at CloudNine and has been working in the legal technology industry for 8+ years.