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ACEDS Highlights CloudNine in EDNA Challenge Part II

Extract from ACEDS article by Jason Krause: This year’s ACEDS E-Discovery Conference hosted the EDna Challenge Part II. This was an update to a challenge 7 years ago, in which e-discovery forensics expert Craig Ball considered whether it was possible to manage a relatively small e-discovery matter on a $1000 budget. Given economic changes, the budget this year was increased to $5000, and the data challenges were made slightly more complex. Already, the challenge is revealing interesting truths about e-discovery.

EDna is the name of an imaginary small firm lawyer trying to search a collection of emails and documents. The hypothetical collection includes six .pst files, four Gmail MBOXes, and miscellaneous files from 10 custodians. All of it must be reviewed by three attorneys in less than 90 days and the data must also be stored for two years after review. Her team must process the metadata, de-duplicate the collection, and tag and code documents for under $5,000. Already, several vendors have provided viable options in response to the challenge.

See the Conference Panel Slides: EDna-2016

Source: EDna Part II – E-Discovery for Smaller Budgets