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CloudNine Launches Discovery Portal to Provide a Powerful Connector for Interoperability Across the eDiscovery Ecosystem

New platform enables seamless workflow between CloudNine technologies and integrated third-party providers

HOUSTON – May 4, 2021 – Today, eDiscovery technology leader CloudNine announced the release of Discovery Portal, a powerful new integration platform facilitating the interoperability of eDiscovery technologies across the EDRM spectrum. The CloudNine Discovery Portal provides a seamless connector between cloud and on-premise solutions, including CloudNine’s existing suite of eDiscovery software and third-party review products. The launch of Discovery Portal will empower legal and eDiscovery professionals to accelerate their discovery projects, safely and efficiently through a single, secure platform.

Integrations through Discovery Portal move data quickly and effectively across multiple platforms. Discovery Portal integrates on-premise CloudNine Explore™ to Relativity, enabling users to export data from Explore into Relativity automatically without manual exports and imports. Discovery Portal enables seamless transfer of clients’ native data to CloudNine Explore Cloud for processing, early case assessment (ECA), and loading to CloudNine Review™. Additionally, Discovery Portal enables transfers from CloudNine LAW™ to CloudNine Review, and from CloudNine Concordance® to CloudNine Review.

As a native file processing engine for ECA, Explore can process, search and filter data in place, without expansion and export data to Relativity via Discovery Portal. Since Explore’s data indexing mirrors the structure of Relativity’s destination folders, the data remains uniform and easy to find. As reported by many Explore customers, the efficiency and speed of the software provides significant cost and time savings over their previous processing resource by omitting irrelevant data production or running risks of producing privileged data.

“Explore’s data processing is faster and less expensive than other solutions and now, with the Discovery Portal integration, we can export seamlessly and directly from Explore to Relativity with unprecedented efficiency,” remarked Tony DeVito, Sr. Project Manager, eDiscovery at IST Management Services, an eDiscovery and litigation support services company managing large litigation matters for law firms and corporate legal departments. “In just our first few weeks using the Explore/Relativity integrated solution with Discovery Portal, IST has processed several million documents faster, more accurately, and at a lower cost. Collaborating with CloudNine on this project has been a great experience. The CloudNine team is refreshingly responsive, receptive and confident. They listen to our requests and do not stop until they produce the results we need.”

Discovery Portal also allows users to transfer exports from CloudNine LAW processing, imaging and production software to CloudNine Review with a few clicks. Users can transfer their processed, exported data or transfer an export based on a filtered set of documents responsive to a search. Discovery Portal reduces steps and manual hand-offs when advancing responsive data from LAW to CloudNine Review.

Discovery Portal also provides capability to advance data from CloudNine Concordance to CloudNine Review. Concordance is a great tool for reviewing and producing documents. However, if a case requires access by several external parties or otherwise exceeds Concordance’s capacity, Discovery Portal offers a pathway to transfer a Concordance export to CloudNine Review. Then, the data will be available to any authorized user with an internet connection.

“Discovery Portal is a substantial breakthrough which will have a direct, positive impact on our clients who move data between technologies,” said Jacob Hesse, VP of Product at CloudNine. “Our development team has done amazing work to increase the speed, accuracy and performance of Discovery Portal and our products like CloudNine’s Explore, LAW, Concordance and Review. Discovery Portal will create tremendous time and cost savings for our clients and partners.”

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