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CloudNine Receives Strong TechnoScore Rating From LitigationWorld

Litigation World® Bestows an Exemplary A- TechnoScore Rating on CloudNine’s Simplified eDiscovery Automation Platform

Extract from TechnoLawyer review by Jennifer Dixon

Every litigation team needs eDiscovery software to process, review, and produce email and other discovery documents. In this issue of LitigationWorld, litigator Jennifer Dixon tells you whether CloudNine merits your consideration. This review explores in depth CloudNine’s user experience, document uploader, review tools, export options, technical support, and more. Jennifer even dug up the pricing information so you won’t have to.

CloudNine is web-based eDiscovery software for uploading, reviewing, and producing documents, enabling litigators to handle their eDiscovery projects without outsourcing to vendors. This issue of LitigationWorld contains my review.

“During my litigation career, I spent hours of my time on the phone with technical support attempting to coordinate uploading, review, and production. In light of these experiences, I find the CloudNine self-service model incredibly refreshing. It puts power into the reviewer’s hands, enabling you to customize your screen views, metadata, filtering, and production. The analytics tools provide simple visualizations of document batch contents, reducing surprises and confusion down the road. All the review tools you need for a well-organized document review are present and easy to use. CloudNine handles all of the most common document types found in today’s discovery projects. Sorting through thousands of emails will be a breeze.”

“For small cases in particular, CloudNine enables you to do it all yourself, saving you time and money. For larger cases, CloudNine offers consulting services for collection and processing. CloudNine easily earns a TechnoScore of A-.”

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