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InsideCounsel Highlights 3 Reasons eDiscovery Companies Need Better Search Solutions

Extract from InsideCounsel article by Amanda Ciccatelli

With the amount of data being captured and stored by organizations doubling every 1.2 years, the ability to quickly and effectively search through data stores that are growing exponentially has become more important than ever to meet discovery obligations within reasonable costs.

There are three key reasons that law firms and e-discovery companies need better search solutions, according to [Doug] Austin [of CloudNine]. First, the ability to identify potentially relevant information in litigation quickly is key to determining the best course of action to proceeding in the case, and effective search is an important component to accomplishing that goal. Second, failure to preserve or produce clearly responsive electronically stored information (ESI) in litigation can lead to sanctions by the court.  And third, in a recent survey, budgetary constraints was identified as the factor to have the most impact on e-discovery business over the next six months, so search solutions help manage and control discovery costs to help litigants stay within reasonable budgets.

Austin shared three ways to address these issue including: Emphasize up-front information governance efforts to keep data volumes manageable and also identify all potential sources of data through an organization data map; emphasize automation of repeatable tasks within the discovery life cycle and select providers who can support that automation effort and help the organization reduce costs through reduction of personnel; and require their providers to offer predictable pricing models so that they can accurately estimate costs.

Source: Inside Counsel

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