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Above the Law Highlights a Conversation with CloudNine’s Brad Jenkins

Extract from Above the Law article by Zach Abramowitz

Today, I’m chatting with CloudNine’s CEO Brad Jenkins to find out more about his company’s story, their approach to the cloud and the future of the ediscovery space.

Zach Abramowitz: Brad, thanks for joining me, tell me a bit of the background behind your company. When did you decide to pivot into software?

Brad Jenkins: Great question and, like most software companies, we had both a tactical reason and a strategic reason for deciding to invest in building our software solution.

The tactical catalyst for our development was simply a 10,000 box scan project where the client asked us how they could best manage their data once it was digitized. From that request, we began developing a custom solution to solve a specific customer problem, and that launched us down the road of software development.

From a strategic perspective, as a litigation services and support company founded in 2002, we certainly were aware of the print-to-digital and digital-to-discovery challenges and opportunities presented to providers over the last decade. Initially, we helped clients address eDiscovery challenges by aggregating best-of-breed technology and supporting that technology with a strong portfolio of professional services. Over time, we became highly aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the leading software platforms and began to develop our technology to address the core needs expressed daily by our customers. Those needs being speed, simplicity, and security. Addressing those underserved needs, we launched our initial software platform which has evolved into our SaaS-delivered CloudNine Simplified eDiscovery Automation platform.

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