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CloudNine Announces New Pricing Models for Simplified eDiscovery Automation Software and Services

New Pay-Per-Use and Subscription Models Help Law Firms and Legal Departments Address Budgetary Constraints Through Pricing Transparency and Predictability

Houston, Texas (PRWEB) May 9, 2017

CloudNine, the eDiscovery Company ( which provides eDiscovery automation software and professional services for litigation, investigations, and audits, today unveiled its new and simplified eDiscovery pricing models to allow for easier understanding and predictability of the costs of its eDiscovery software and services. The new pay-per-use and volume-based subscription pricing models consist of four plans including pay-as-you-go pricing of $35 per GB per month for core eDiscovery services with no minimum commitment. The new models and plans are available immediately from CloudNine.

“Today’s eDiscovery practitioners are faced with the increasing challenge of doing more work with fewer resources,” shared Doug Austin, Vice President of Operations and Professional Services at CloudNine. “This is even a bigger challenge when one considers the general lack of clarity and transparency in most technology provider pricing structures. With our new pricing models, we have created some of the most understandable and economical pricing available, helping law firms and legal departments better address budgetary challenges by being able to understand, predict, and afford the cost of eDiscovery.”

Pricing Models, Plans, and Services

With its simplified pricing, CloudNine offers customers two business models to support their legal discovery efforts. These models are Pay-Per-Use and Volume-Based Subscriptions. From these two models, CloudNine offers four pricing plans ranging from $35/GB/Month under the Pay-Per-Use model to as little as $12/GB/Month under the Volume-Based Subscription model.

  • Pay-Per-Use Model (Basic Plan): Unlimited Usage with No Commitment
  • Volume-Based Subscription Model (Pro, Plus, and Premium Plans): Purchased Volume Discounts with Six Month Minimum Commitment

CloudNine’s legal discovery pricing plans consist of core services and advanced services. These services include:

Core Services

  • Self-Service Processing
  • Hosting
  • Self-Service Production
  • Outpost Transfer
  • Unlimited CloudNine Users
  • Unlimited Databases (Projects/Subaccounts)
  • Database Setup/Onboarding
  • Early Data Assessment
  • Standard Analytics
  • Filtering/Culling/Deduping
  • Support (24×7 + Online Knowledge Base)
  • Private, Protected Cloud Environment

Advanced Services (Includes Core Services)

  • CloudNine Managed Productions
  • Relativity Hosting

Core Services are available for $35/GB/Month with no minimum commitment under the Pay-Per-Use pricing model. CloudNine also offers Core Service subscription-based pricing beginning at the equivalent of $17.50/GB/Month at the minimum commitment level of six months and decreasing to $12/GB/Month at higher volumes. Additional discounts may be available for multi-year commitments.

Advanced Services are available for $40/GB/Month with no minimum commitment under the Pay-Per-Use pricing model. The $40/GB/Month fee includes ALL Core Services as well as CloudNine Managed Productions and access to Relativity Hosting. Additional per seat user fees may apply for individual users of Relativity. CloudNine also offers Advanced Service subscription-based pricing beginning at the equivalent of $22.50/GB/Month at the minimum commitment level of six months decreasing to $16/GB/Month at higher volumes.

“Simplifying eDiscovery requires simplifying the business of eDiscovery,” highlighted Brad Jenkins, CEO of CloudNine. “Many organizations speak of transparency in pricing, but few achieve the goal of making it easier for customers to consider, compare, and contrast alternative offerings. Our hope is that in our sharing of models, plans, and prices, we truly make it easier for customers to see for themselves why CloudNine is not only the right technology choice for eDiscovery but also the right business choice for eDiscovery.”

In addition to its Core Services and Advanced Services, CloudNine recently introduced a Legal Hold Notification Service that is included in all subscription agreements and available on the Pay-Per-Use plan starting at $500 per hold for up to 10 custodians.  CloudNine also offers a complete portfolio of professional services, making it one of the only advanced generation technology providers with a full professional services team available to help customers simplify their discovery efforts.

Learn More About CloudNine and Simplified Pricing

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