Secure, web-accessible, SaaS-delivered software simplifies eDiscovery enabling you to upload documents quickly to begin reviewing data within minutes.

eDiscovery Review Software

 The Speed You Want with the Control You Need

A fast, secure and easy-to-use SaaS platform empowers self-service users to load and export data quickly and begin discovery activities within five minutes.  CloudNine Review delivers high service levels with all the features and functionality you need, and nothing you don’t.


To get started, simply upload your data directly into our private and protected cloud environment and  CloudNine’s automated processing will immediately begin to convert your documents into a searchable and reviewable format.

The speed you want with the control you need.

CloudNine Review Ranks #1, Most-Trusted eDiscovery Solution

Market-leading performance combined with transparent pricing and the highest service levels in the industry earns CloudNine Review the top ranking of most-trusted eDiscovery solution among corporate and LSP clients.

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Speed You Can Trust

  • We back up our claims so you can confidently rely on consistent performance that won’t let you down when it matters most.

Support When You Need It

  • The CloudNine team of experts are here when you need us, with services like user training, loading data and more built in to every contract at no cost and additional options available as needed.

ROI You Can Measure

  • Choose between an all-inclusive annual subscription or a right-sized contract based on your usage and requirements.  Either way, you pay only for what you need.

Flexibility You Can Take to the Bank 

  • CloudNine Review connects seamlessly with our on-premises offerings like CloudNine Concordance. Run eDiscovery in the cloud and store pending and archived data on-prem to dramatically reduce costs and optimize cost recovery.

What’s New with CloudNine Review

  • Modern interface, self-service productions and 10x faster imaging.
  • Seamless integration with CloudNine Explore™ to enable complete and independent document production using the fastest eDiscovery processing engine on the market.
  • Increase productivity with streamlined, intuitive navigation.
  • Improve workflow efficiency by reducing the demand on critical hardware resources.
  • Accelerate Service Levels including the flexibility to leverage Self-Service Plus for added support in Production Services and consulting.
  • Imaging on the Fly with new Admin-only functionality to create images on individual records and searches.


CloudNine complements its simplified eDiscovery automation offering with a complete portfolio of professional services delivered by an experienced team of information technology, project management, and legal professionals. These professional service offerings include:

This provision of professional services is also different from most eDiscovery automation vendors as they tend to focus only on the automation software. With CloudNine you get the benefit of the latest in eDiscovery automation technology supported by a complete staff of eDiscovery, project management, and information technology professionals with deep professional service experience.


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First Day With CloudNine

An actual example of new customer’s first day with CloudNine:

Registered Online (With No Contract) and Began to Upload Data

Processed 300,000 Documents (Emails and Attachments)

Accomplished These Tasks within 24 Hours of Registering

Uploaded 27GB of PST Email Files

Reduced Document Set by 61% with Deduplication and Irrelevant Domain Filtering