Training Snapshot

CloudNine Electronic Discovery Loader Settings Overview

Terry Leang is a Senior Solutions Consultant with CloudNine with more than 8+ years of experience in electronic discovery. He has substantial experience with Early Data Analyzer, LAW PreDiscovery, and Concordance. At CloudNine, Terry conducts presales demonstrations for new and existing clients, onsite and remote training courses as well as onsite consulting to develop custom workflows. Prior to his career at CloudNine, Terry worked as a litigation support analyst at a large law firm and was a trainer/consultant at LexisNexis.

An overview of the configurable settings in the LAW PreDiscovery Electronic Discovery Loader, that are specific to the type of source you’re importing. Based on policies and project specifications, the settings tab is used to determine how specific file types will be handled during the import process, such as extracting the contents of an archive or detecting duplicate files, as well as how the files will be organized in the folder view of LAW PreDiscovery.