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Here’s an Independent Review of CloudNine: eDiscovery Trends

If you love to read about legal technology, you probably have signed up for newsletters via Technolawyer.  Technolawyer has several useful newsletters for the tech-interested legal professional, including BlogWorld and LitigationWorld.  Recently, CloudNine was reviewed by Technolawyer with the resulting review published in the LitigationWorld newsletter.

Jennifer Dixon conducted the review.  The review was completely independent and not sponsored by CloudNine (all we did was provide a brief overview to her before she proceeded to review the platform).  Here are a couple of observations from Jennifer’s review of the platform:

  • “During my litigation career, I spent hours of my time on the phone with technical support attempting to coordinate uploading, review, and production. In light of these experiences, I find the CloudNine self-service model incredibly refreshing. It puts power into the reviewer’s hands, enabling you to customize your screen views, metadata, filtering, and production. The analytics tools provide simple visualizations of document batch contents, reducing surprises and confusion down the road. All the review tools you need for a well-organized document review are present and easy to use. CloudNine handles all of the most common document types found in today’s discovery projects. Sorting through thousands of emails will be a breeze.”
  • “For small cases in particular, CloudNine enables you to do it all yourself, saving you time and money. For larger cases, CloudNine offers consulting services for collection and processing. CloudNine easily earns a TechnoScore of A-.”

Thanks to Technolawyer and to Jennifer for the review of our platform.  We really appreciate it!

If you want more information or to check out the review, you can do so on our site here.  Here’s your chance to learn more about CloudNine, from an independent source!

So, what do you think?  Please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

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