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Attorney eDiscovery Planning Accelerated with No Cost Early Data Assessment Reporting Service

No Cost EDA Reporting Service from CloudNine Provides Attorneys with Early and Valuable Information to Help Shape Investigation and Litigation Strategy

CloudNine, the eDiscovery Company ( which provides eDiscovery automation software and professional services for litigation, investigations, and audits, today announced the availability of its free Early Data Assessment (EDA) reporting service. This no cost service is immediately available to help legal professionals understand the content and context of collected documents early in investigation and litigation lifecycles.

Early Data Assessment empowers attorneys and litigation support professionals by providing an early and critical understanding of information to be considered in litigation, investigation, and audit activities. This type of data knowledge is important as it helps users begin to quantify and qualify the content of collected data so they can accurately begin to estimate discovery and investigation scope and cost. Essential reporting items included in CloudNine’s no cost Early Data Assessment reporting service include information on:

  • Files
  • File Types
  • Expanded Size of Files
  • Files Requiring OCR
  • Email Attachments
  • Email Conversation Threads
  • Email Family Groups
  • Email Domains
  • Email Timeline

Information on these items allow for preliminary evaluation of data early in the life of a matter and provide the foundation for properly planned and executed electronic discovery. These items also help decision makers to begin making critical exposure, settlement, and litigation decisions early in investigation and litigation lifecycles.

“The journey of successful eDiscovery starts with the first step of data understanding,” highlighted Brad Jenkins, Chief Executive Officer of CloudNine. “We are excited to help with that first step by making our Early Data Assessment reporting service universally available without charge to legal and business professionals. This no-cost self-service reporting simplifies the discovery process by streamlining the understanding of data through a robust report of data decision points. The service is also very easy to access and use as users need only to register at for a free trial and follow the wizard-based upload and reporting instructions.”

Try CloudNine’s EDA Reporting Service at No Risk, Immediately

To sign up for a free trial of CloudNine and our no-cost Early Data Assessment reporting service, visit the CloudNine website (, request your no cost account, and begin immediately to use the power and precision of simplified eDiscovery automation in your litigation, investigation, and audits efforts.

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