Concordance provides an effective, cost-efficient way to manage and review the high volume of documents generated during litigation.

Topics Include:

  • Navigate Concordance®
  • Work with images
  • Use effective search methods
  • Tag documents
  • Edit data
  • Print documents
  • Generate Reports

Concordance v10 101 Fundamentals:

This half-day online course will get you up and running with Concordance quickly, teaching you the basics of how to:

Concordance v10 201 Administrative Fundamentals

This two-day course teaches you the basics of setting up and administering Concordance, specifically how to:

Topics Include:

  • Create and customize a database
  • Import Data
  • Link records to their images
  • Perform database maintenance
  • Batch printing
  • Produce Documents
  • Export data and images

Concordance v10 301-303 CCSA

This three-day course is delivered by private instruction only and will prepare you for the Concordance Certified Systems Administrator certification test. Topics cover everything from installation and administration to load file creation and document exports.

Topics Include:

  • Installing Concordance®
  • Creating an E-docs database
  • How to Globally Replace Delimiters
  • Appending to an Existing Imagebase, Exporting an Imagebase and Updating Image Paths in an OPT
  • Managing Security and Making fields read only
  • Adding Custom Menu Items
  • Backing up Databases
  • Creating Tag Structure Templates
  • Importing additional data an overlays
  • How to globally replace information in a field
  • How to run the Create-Hyperlinks.cpl
  • Creating an Authority Word List
  • Managing concatenated databases an adding field group aliases
  • Creating a Production Database and linking images
  • How to save and load a production parameter set
  • Creating a Synonyms list
  • Working with table layouts and tally
  • Sorting then exporting to a Concordance® DCB
  • Basic Introduction to FYI

Concordance Desktop 101

If you need to become proficient in searching, tagging and categorizing documents, editing records in the database, redacting, annotating and printing documents, and generating reports, this class is right for you.

Topics Include:

  • Discovery Processes and Tools
  • Getting Started
  • Working with Documents and Images in Concordance® Viewer
  • Basic Searching
  • Basic Tagging
  • Editing Records
  • Printing

Concordance Desktop 201

This course is delivered by private instruction only and will teach you the administrative fundamentals for Concordance Desktop.

Topics Include:

  • Concordance Desktop Installation
  • Managing users
  • Building and indexing databases
  • Modifying databases
  • Creating and managing tags
  • Backing up databases
  • Bulk printing
  • Running productions
  • Exporting data

Concordance Desktop 301

This course is delivered by private instruction only and will cover advanced administration focusing on Concordance Desktop’s server setup and the Concordance Desktop Admin Console.

Topics Include:

  • Managing clients and matters
  • Managing User Sessions
  • Managing Logs
  • Scheduling Jobs
  • Back Up and Data Recovery

All courses are led by a live instructor in a virtual training environment and include hands-on exercises to practice
skills learned. For course details and to register, click on a specific course within the calendar.

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