Inaugural Symposium on E-Crime: Cutting Edge Topics in Digital Forensics

Financial scams, identity theft, and ransomware attacks are just few ways in which criminals leverage technology for e-crimes. Through their criminal activity, offenders unwittingly create digital trails that are discoverable by forensic experts. On February 28, 2022 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST, the Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science will host a Zoom webinar to delve deeper into the complexities of e-crime and criminal investigations. The symposium will feature Rick Clark, Senior Director of CloudNine, as one of its keynote speakers. Rick Clark will be speaking on a panel with the CEO of Paraben Software, Amber Schroader, and journalist, Christa Miller, about overlooked forms of digital evidence. The panel will discuss how data from varying sources can be used in an investigation or discovery workflow.

Register for the symposium here and enter promo code:  “HCLIPROFF” for 60% discount.

Discussion Points

  • Cell phone forensics
  • Email investigations
  • Multiple data sources
  • Deep fake investigations

Keynote Speakers

Rick Clark – Senior Director of CloudNine

Dr. Henry C. Lee – Founder/Director of Henry C. Lee Institute

Robert Fried, MS – VP/Head of Forensics at Sandline Discovery

Christa Miller – Managing Editor at ForensicFocus.com

Shahaf Rozanski – Vice President of Cellebrite

Dr. Matt Turek – Program Manager at DARPA

Arman Gungor – CEO of Metaspike

Amber Schroader – CEO of Paraben Corporation