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Litigation Support Tools of the Trade – eDiscovery Best Practices

If you have worked in litigation support for a number of years like I have, you start to assemble a toolkit of applications that help you get your job done more quickly and efficiently.  In her excellent Litigation Support Guru blog, Amy Bowser-Rollins (who was previously profiled on THIS blog) has recently published a series of posts that describe tools of the trade that she recommends to litigation support “newbies”.  Let’s take a look.

The entire series of 18 Tools of the Trade is available here.  Here are the specific tools that she covers:

  1. TextPad
  2. Snagit
  3. Unstoppable Copier
  4. Concordance CPL to convert DAT to DCB
  5. Bulk Rename Utility
  6. TrueCrypt
  7. FileZilla
  8. Beyond Compare
  9. Dan Biemer Concordance CPLs
  10. Tableau
  11. Avery DesignPro
  12. UltraEdit
  13. FTK Imager (also previously discussed on our blog here, here, here, here and here)
  14. Directory Lister Pro
  15. iConvert
  16. Hard Drive SATA/IDE Adapter
  17. 7-Zip
  18. AutoCAD Viewer

Whether you need to edit large text files, perform screen captures, copy or rename files, manipulate data for Concordance, encrypt data for transfer, FTP data using an intuitive interface, capture data from a drive without spoliating evidence, create CD labels, convert load files, compress file collections or view engineering drawings, there is an application for you.  I personally use many of these frequently, including TextPad, Snagit, TrueCrypt, FileZilla, Beyond Compare, FTK Imager and iConvert.

Several of these applications are free.  Most are at least inexpensive.  They are vital “tools of the trade” for litigation support professionals.  Kudos to Amy for a terrific blog series!

So, what do you think?  What “tools of the trade” do you have in your litigation support “tool belt”?  Please share any comments you might have or if you’d like to know more about a particular topic.

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