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The Only Thing We Have to Fear is eDiscovery Itself: eDiscovery Horrors!

As indicated by our friend “Jack”, today is Halloween!  This is our ninth(!) year to identify stories to try to “scare” you with tales of eDiscovery and cybersecurity horrors because we are, after all, an eDiscovery blog.  Let’s see how we do this year.  Michael Myers ain’t got nothing on us!

Does this scare you?

Did you know you could receive a bad faith sanction for your employees’ failure to follow your preservation policy?

What about this?

Here’s why you probably don’t want to murder someone wearing a Fitbit.  Or somebody you met on Tinder.

Or this?

You know your eDiscovery violations are bad when the order discussing them is so large, it needs a table of contents.  We’ll be discussing this one today!

How about this?

When does Twitter not have possession and control of its own direct messages?  Find out here.

Or maybe this?

More than two-thirds of data breaches take months to discover.

Have you considered this?

Here’s how a dead person’s finger can be an investigative tool.

Finally, how about this?

When the court is too busy to perform an in camera review of the defendant’s documents deemed privileged, it will just let the plaintiff have a “quick peek” at them.

Scary, huh?  If the possibility of sanctions, getting arrested for murder due to evidence from Internet of Things (IoT) devices (serves you right!), data breaches and dead fingers opening iPhones scares you, then the folks at eDiscovery Daily will do our best to provide useful information and best practices to enable you to relax and sleep soundly, even on Halloween!

Of course, if you seriously want to get into the spirit of Halloween and be scared, check out this video.  You won’t be able to “lego” of it!

What do you think?  Is there a particular eDiscovery issue that scares you?  Please share your comments and let us know if you’d like more information on a particular topic.

Happy Halloween!

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