Above the Law Highlights a Conversation with CloudNine’s Brad Jenkins

Extract from Above the Law article by Zach Abramowitz

Today, I’m chatting with CloudNine’s CEO Brad Jenkins to find out more about his company’s story, their approach to the cloud and the future of the ediscovery space.

Zach Abramowitz: Brad, thanks for joining me, tell me a bit of the background behind your company. When did you decide to pivot into software?

Brad Jenkins: Great question and, like most software companies, we had both a tactical reason and a strategic reason for deciding to invest in building our software solution.

The tactical catalyst for our development was simply a 10,000 box scan project where the client asked us how they could best manage their data once it was digitized. From that request, we began developing a custom solution to solve a specific customer problem, and that launched us down the road of software development.

From a strategic perspective, as a litigation services and support company founded in 2002, we certainly were aware of the print-to-digital and digital-to-discovery challenges and opportunities presented to providers over the last decade. Initially, we helped clients address eDiscovery challenges by aggregating best-of-breed technology and supporting that technology with a strong portfolio of professional services. Over time, we became highly aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the leading software platforms and began to develop our technology to address the core needs expressed daily by our customers. Those needs being speed, simplicity, and security. Addressing those underserved needs, we launched our initial software platform which has evolved into our SaaS-delivered CloudNine Simplified eDiscovery Automation platform.

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CloudNine Voted as a Leading Online Review Platform Provider by Corporate Counsel Magazine Readers

National Survey of In-House Corporate Legal and Compliance Professionals Ranks CloudNine as Second Leading Online Review Platform

CloudNine, the eDiscovery Company ( that empowers legal and business professionals with eDiscovery automation software and professional services that simplify litigation, investigations, and audits, today announced that it has been recognized as a leading online review platform according to the inaugural Best of Corporate Counsel reader ranking survey.

The Best of Corporate Counsel reader ranking survey was published in the July edition of Corporate Counsel Magazine. Voting for this inaugural survey was conducted via online ballot and limited to those working within in-house corporate legal and compliance departments. The ballot consisted of 55 categories, and more than 1,500 votes were cast in this inaugural run. CloudNine was highlighted in the 2016 survey as the second leading online review platform.

“As an eDiscovery technology company focused on simplifying eDiscovery through automation, we are excited that our offerings are positively impacting the way legal professionals conduct discovery, investigations, and audits,” shared Brad Jenkins, Chief Executive Officer of CloudNine. “We are incredibly grateful for the vote of confidence in CloudNine from eDiscovery professionals as highlighted in our ranking as a leading online review platform in the inaugural Best of Corporate Counsel reader ranking survey. We understand the importance of such a rating and are committed to continuing our singular focus of simplifying eDiscovery.”

Try CloudNine at No Risk, Immediately

To sign up for a free trial of CloudNine, visit the CloudNine website (, request your free account, and begin immediately to use the power and precision of simplified eDiscovery automation in your litigation, investigation, and audits efforts.

About CloudNine, The eDiscovery Company

Founded in 2002 and based in Houston, Texas, CloudNine is a technology company with deep expertise in the analysis, processing, and review of electronically stored information (ESI). Currently used by more than 50 of the top 250 Am Law firms as well as in many of the world’s leading corporations, CloudNine has been highlighted in reports and surveys by Gartner, 451 Research, Blue Hill Research, and Corporate Counsel. CloudNine also publishes the eDiscovery Daily Blog, a trusted source of information for the legal industry.

A leader in eDiscovery automation, you can learn more about CloudNine by calling us at 713.462.3885, emailing us at, or by visiting us online at

Press inquiries may be made to Chief Marketing Officer, CloudNine, via or 512-934-7531.


Inaugural Best of Corporate Counsel Survey Highlights CloudNine

Extract of survey from Corporate Counsel

The inaugural Best of Corporate Counsel reader ranking survey of top providers to the in-house corporate legal marketplace was published in the July edition of Corporate Counsel Magazine. Voting for this inaugural survey was conducted via online ballot and limited to those working within in-house corporate legal and compliance departments. The ballot consisted of 55 categories and more than 1,500 votes were cast in this inaugural run.

CloudNine was highlighted in the 2016 reading ranking survey as the second leading online review platform behind Relativity from kCura.

Source: Corporate Counsel Magazine

For access to the complete survey, click here.


Market Guide for E-Discovery Solutions: Mention of CloudNine By Gartner

Extract of report from Gartner Research

Authored by industry analyst Jie Zhang, and available for purchase from the Gartner website ($1,295.00), the new Market Guide for E-Discovery Solutions report provides information technology leaders and legal counsel considerations for the evaluation and selection of eDiscovery solutions. One of the areas highlighted in the report was eDiscovery Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions.

Considerations for eDiscovery SaaS included:

  • Cloud e-discovery solutions are gaining momentum in the market with their ease of use, and more competitive and straightforward pricing structures.
  • Select e-discovery SaaS solutions strategically. Depending on the maturity of in-house e- discovery processes and teams, SaaS solutions may not be suitable for all matters.
  • When selecting the SaaS provider, it is important to understand their data center locations, among other things.

CloudNine was mentioned as a representative software provider in the Market Guide for E-Discovery Solutions. Key elements of CloudNine’s offering include:

  • SaaS Deployment Model
  • Processing, Analytics, Review, and Production
  • Private Cloud
  • Self-Service
  • Task and Process Automation (Fully Integrated)
  • Full Suite of Professional Services

Source: Gartner

For access to the complete report, click here.


Blue Hill Research Notes CloudNine in Modern eDiscovery Platform Report

Extract from article by Jim Duffy, Esq.

In order to assist organizations with their own eDiscovery solution selection and evaluation of eDiscovery vendor support for eDiscovery challenges, Blue Hill Research assembled a select Solution Landscape describing eDiscovery vendors that demonstrate strong adoption of modern eDiscovery solution components that include: (1) cloud-based deployment, (2) focus on expanded data collection, (3) robust predictive coding and analytics capabilities, and (4) improved user interface and user experience.

CloudNine received mention in the report Reinvesting in the eDiscovery Cycles: Modern eDiscovery Platforms and was noted as one of the vendors in the eDiscovery ecosystem that demonstrated attention to the challenges identified by Jim Duffy, Esq. of Blue Hill Research.

Source: Blue Hill Research

For access to the complete report, click here.


InsideCounsel Highlights 3 Reasons eDiscovery Companies Need Better Search Solutions

Extract from InsideCounsel article by Amanda Ciccatelli

With the amount of data being captured and stored by organizations doubling every 1.2 years, the ability to quickly and effectively search through data stores that are growing exponentially has become more important than ever to meet discovery obligations within reasonable costs.

There are three key reasons that law firms and e-discovery companies need better search solutions, according to [Doug] Austin [of CloudNine]. First, the ability to identify potentially relevant information in litigation quickly is key to determining the best course of action to proceeding in the case, and effective search is an important component to accomplishing that goal. Second, failure to preserve or produce clearly responsive electronically stored information (ESI) in litigation can lead to sanctions by the court.  And third, in a recent survey, budgetary constraints was identified as the factor to have the most impact on e-discovery business over the next six months, so search solutions help manage and control discovery costs to help litigants stay within reasonable budgets.

Austin shared three ways to address these issue including: Emphasize up-front information governance efforts to keep data volumes manageable and also identify all potential sources of data through an organization data map; emphasize automation of repeatable tasks within the discovery life cycle and select providers who can support that automation effort and help the organization reduce costs through reduction of personnel; and require their providers to offer predictable pricing models so that they can accurately estimate costs.

Source: Inside Counsel

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ACEDS Highlights CloudNine in EDNA Challenge Part II

Extract from ACEDS article by Jason Krause: This year’s ACEDS E-Discovery Conference hosted the EDna Challenge Part II. This was an update to a challenge 7 years ago, in which e-discovery forensics expert Craig Ball considered whether it was possible to manage a relatively small e-discovery matter on a $1000 budget. Given economic changes, the budget this year was increased to $5000, and the data challenges were made slightly more complex. Already, the challenge is revealing interesting truths about e-discovery.

EDna is the name of an imaginary small firm lawyer trying to search a collection of emails and documents. The hypothetical collection includes six .pst files, four Gmail MBOXes, and miscellaneous files from 10 custodians. All of it must be reviewed by three attorneys in less than 90 days and the data must also be stored for two years after review. Her team must process the metadata, de-duplicate the collection, and tag and code documents for under $5,000. Already, several vendors have provided viable options in response to the challenge.

See the Conference Panel Slides: EDna-2016

Source: EDna Part II – E-Discovery for Smaller Budgets


451 Research Highlights CloudNine with Impact Report

Extract from 451 Research report by Sean Doherty: CloudNine SaaS supports tasks in the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) – from collection to review and production. It offers do-it-yourself software for small to midsize organizations and law firms, with additional layers of professional services to meet the needs of large enterprises and AM Law 250 firms.

Source: Impact Report – CloudNine SaaS Parts from Public Clouds, Offers eDiscovery Services From Owned Assets

For the complete report (subscription required), click here.

KMWorld Highlights CloudNine and Simplified eDiscovery

Extract from article in KMWorld by Judith Lamont on January 31, 2016: CloudNine is a cloud-based product used for e-discovery and investigation. The company also provides professional services to organizations that want to delegate some or all of their discovery tasks to a third party. CloudNine is designed to be simple to use, with a straightforward online process for uploading, reviewing and producing electronically stored information for litigation and investigations.

“Although we are CloudNine, we are not cloud-based the way most people think of it,” says Brad Jenkins, president and CEO of CloudNine. “We use a private infrastructure, and the data is highly secure, residing on dedicated servers on a dedicated network in a Tier 4 data center. We don’t use the public cloud at all.” Two pricing models are available; pay-as-you-go plans start at $25/GB per month, which includes 30 days of hosting but does not include processing (normally $100/GB for self-service processing). Subscription plans start at $1,000 per month, which includes unlimited self-service processing and up to 50GB of hosting.

The customers for CloudNine have typically been companies that provided litigation support as well as small to medium-sized law firms. Recently, larger law firms have started to use it to manage e-discovery for their clients, and that group of customers now includes dozens of firms, including more than 50 of the top 250 law firms. In addition, large (Fortune 100) corporations are using CloudNine for internal investigations and compliance.

CloudNine uses dtSearch as its search software. “It indexes very quickly,” says Doug Austin, VP of professional services, “and handles a range of file types from e-mail to documents and database information.” As for processing, CloudNine automatically unpacks the data, pulls out metadata and text and uses OCR to convert image files to searchable text.

“One thing that customers are very interested in is analytical capabilities,” Austin adds. “They want to be able to get an idea early on about whether they should settle or litigate. If they can analyze their data quickly, they can decide what their exposure is and then choose the best course of action. The simplified e-discovery automation that CloudNine provides enables our clients to perform that analysis and make those decisions quickly and effectively.”

Source: Article: Legal Applications of KM Trend Toward Flexibility, Simplicity

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