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eDiscovery Searching 101: Don’t Get “Wild” with Wildcards
eDiscovery Searching 101: Don’t Get “Wild” with Wildcards 150 150 CloudNine

Several months ago, I provided search strategy assistance to a client that had already agreed upon several searches with opposing counsel. One search related to mining activities, so the attorney decided to use a wildcard of “min*” to retrieve variations like “mine”, “mines” and “mining”. That one search retrieved over 300,000 files with hits. Why? Because there are 269 words in the English language that begin with the letters “min”. How do you ensure that you’re retrieving all variations of your search term?

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Announcing eDiscovery Daily!
Announcing eDiscovery Daily! 150 150 CloudNine

eDiscovery Daily is a new blog created by Trial Solutions that is intended to provide eDiscovery news, analysis and educational tips to professionals affected by eDiscovery issues.

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